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Codebreaking Abomination

I just won 1st place at the AZ Tattoo Expo for my (now officially) totally awesome back piece tattoo! (You can see it here: x)

I'm super excited!

Sooo... I want to see some tattoo avatars from you guys! My favorites will get cash prizes! cat_whee

-No tekteks, please; only actual avatars. Inventory Search is fine.
-You must host your own images
-This contest is mostly about your tattoos, and much less about what you're wearing. So please, don't stress about the outerwear aesthetics.
-Anyone daring enough to attempt a back piece and makes it look awesome will be awarded an extra prize because I'm totally fixated on them right now emotion_dowant
-You may enter once with a general avatar and once with a back piece, though you cannot win a place prize more than once (share the love, my loves!)

The contest will end sometime next week whenever I feel like it.

1st place: 10k (upped to 20k)
2nd place: 5k (upped to 10k)
3rd place: 2k (upped to 5k)

Back piece bonus: 2k
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Codebreaking Abomination

1st: User Image ~ Aqua Fortise
2nd: User Image ~ Eserel
User Image ~ kyOMG
User Image ~ vee jumped
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Codebreaking Abomination

Now, darlings, impress me! Also, post pictures of your tattoos! Or any designs you may be thinking of getting!
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Wow, congrats! You should post a pic. wink

I am gonna attempt this contest a bit later, but for now I'll just tell you about my tattoo/future tats. I have a strawberry on my pelvis. That pic is from when it was first done, though it is still nice and bright. I have several pieces on the back burner. I want to get a green apple to match my strawberry directly across from it (if my preggercy doesn't ruin the strawberry...). I also want the word "Always" entwined with a lily on the inside of my wrist. Finally, I am for sure going to get a giant peacock piece on my back with lots of flowing feathers. I have debated on a few types of sleeves, but have nothing definite. 3nodding

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Codebreaking Abomination

Yes! I'm waiting to see if there will be any pics of the contest winners posted after the Expo ends tomorrow, otherwise I'll just post a link to the image from my artist's online portfolio cat_whee

I'm hoping someone will pick up my shift at work tomorrow night so I can participate in the Best of Show contest which is for all the first place winners. First place for that wins $500 cash! cat_eek
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You made me want to run around wearing this, lol.
And way to go! smile
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I've always been a fan of the way these two arm tattoos layer... They're the closest I can get to on Gaia to my real life tattoo.

User Image
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>>>: Can it be crazy and abstract?
It's the only thing I do with tattoos on gaia xD
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Codebreaking Abomination

>>>: Can it be crazy and abstract?
It's the only thing I do with tattoos on gaia xD
Absolutely cat_3nodding
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Golden Gawker

>>>: Alrighty! Then I'd like to enter this crazy skeletal avatar xD
Usage of green goo +1! 8D

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Also, here's my tattoo :3
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Congrats, that's awesome! =D

Here is my entry: User Image

And unfortunately I don't have any tattoos to show. xd
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Tattoos you say? Current.

User Image
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I have a tattoo avatar~

User Image

As for tattoo's on my skin, i'm hoping to get quite a few in my lifetime. But, none as of now ; 3 ;
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Codebreaking Abomination

Entries are looking awesome so far! emotion_kirakira

mar, Deo, both your tattoos are so cute! What are the stories behind them?

My manager let me have the night off, so I get to be in the best of show competition tonight!! Wish me luck! cat_whee

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