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I've come to realize that some people use their Gaia avatar for different reasons. For example, some people use it to represent themselves, but others use it as an entirely different character, while some even use it as an extension of themselves, kind of like who they feel they are on the inside and can't project that outward.

I think I'm kind've asking not only what you do with your avatar, but also a why. Why did you choose this? What motivated you to create it? (Granted, I realize some avatars are kind of a "junk drawer" collaboration of things, of whatever the user has lying in their inventory.)

If anyone is into psychology and knows anything behind this, I'd appreciate their input as well. ^_^

Edit: If you're looking to use me as an example, please don't use my current one! I just changed it because there was an issue.
I use my avatar to reflect my own personal tastes, which of course reflect something of myself.

Current avatar reflects my interest in nature, which I connect to because I have a strong primal sense. Least how I feel anyway.
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I'm showing my appreciation for Yuuka Kazami, the Touhou Project character.

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My avatar is related to an old, long running joke with friends online. Without the context of humor, it shows little about my true self.
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Huh. I've never really bothered trying to represent what I'm interested in with mine. My avatar has kind've created its own character, which used to be based off of mine, but she's more of become a person who may identify herself with me, but she's just an identity that I would rather be. Thee has become basically her own person over the years, in my mind. Normally, she looks more like this:

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Or of similar badass nature. Or sometimes she'll dress up, or sometimes she'll look rather laid back, and maybe a little more artistic, and she's notable for dressing up for holidays. Mine's lost its sense of "it's just an avatar" and instead of becoming an online me, she's become her own. Like she's grown up, you know?
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I dress up my avatar to look nice/pretty/cool/whatever. I can't afford a ton of clothes or costumes in real life so this is the next best thing.
I tried to make mine look mostly like me. I'm really pale with wavy gold hair, dark eyes, and I wear a lot of black. And I do have a demonic-looking black kitten. 4laugh The outfit is much more elegant than anything I wear, obviously I don't really dress like that. I wish I did.
im lazy and don't feel like updating it.
My personal design for my avatar was done simply because I like the look of a stereotypical British or Scottish works-man.
I apologize for not having much else to say on the matter. sweatdrop
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I like cute things. Pretty straight forward, no?
I think the last time I changed my avatar was 2-3 years ago...I look like a vampire assassin dude. I have no clue why lol
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I dress my avatar to color match. Obsessive compulsive, really. I pick one or two colors and go with it. No character, no froo-froo inner/self identity via pixels hoopla. Just colors.
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Mine was randomly putting things together in tektek that looked good. I might one day make one that looks like me.
I like my avatar because it looks alot like a character I made as a kid when me and my friends, inspired by films like Lord of the Rings, decided to make our own fictional worlds.
My Avatars name is Kawiti (kiwi name) and he is the offspring of a master assassin who got it on with a demon and he was produced. Being a half-breed he isnt immortal like most demons but he does have access to their magics, making him invaluable to humans to try to fight off demons to stop them corrupting them and turning them into slaves and monsters....
Yeah we were twisted kids
I mainly use my avatars to represent characters from my stories. Sometimes dressing them up gives me new ideas for how to make them look, and sometimes how they even behave. It's a creative outlet.

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