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Ok guys I really love the Feed back any tips on getting Flame hair or like a Ghost rider head Im reallyn into Flames and skulls
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Awesome avatar: Simple, not cluttered, creative, somewhat matching colors but the theme is more important to me.

So.. Clutter = no creativity? I'm confused.
Yes I Totally Agree with this
I go gaga for feminine, expensive, well co-ordinated avis If they have new items from CIs I always try to look them up in the MP in awe. I just like beautiful avis with expensive items.

I also love avis the trolls make. They always reference something silly or funny. Or a meme. Love those. Gaia has tons of silly facial expressions and I am glad people put them to use!
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A good outfit is one where the items look like they were made for each other.

I agree with this.
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Being awesome. And then it just happens.
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I think an awesome avatar is something from people who love themselves, put unique items they have together. It's an art, other people may like it, others will not. But all it matters most is that the creator loves the avatar put it on show. At the end if ourselves think our avatars is awesome. Then it's awesome for us. Other people sayings whatever-else are just opinions afterall
I would guess that how you dress an avatar shows what you like and don't like, but if you really like to get artistic and make it into something interesting, then it's a different story.
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Half naked warrior princess riding into battle with her trusty orange kittens and wielding a shining sword in the middle of a snowy battleground... aw yeah.
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I find avies that color coordinate really well (Simple avies or cluttered) or have a theme to them tend to be really nice avies.
I'm more fond of organized cluttered avies though. So much detail and yet still the colors blend nicely and at times give the avie almost a texture. <3
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I used to like to find one item with a really strange or unique color, and try to build a matching avatar off of that, but now I tend more towards having a story (Even if I'm the only one who knows what the story is lol) behind an avi before I make it.

as far as other people's avatars...my favorites are usually people that match amazingly, or have a really strange/creepy style. emotion_awesome

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