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Welcome to the Avatar Talk 101, an informational sticky. This sticky contains all the information you need to know before jumping into the Avatar Talk Subforum. Avatar Talk is a friendly place where we just love to talk about our avatars. If you are looking to talk about something else, you should probably move along to another forum. However, if avatars are what interest you, then you are in the right place.

Here in the AT we enjoy rating each others avatars, and helping others become better avatar creators as well. Asides from just rating, we also discuss, run contests and more. So please take the time to read this sticky, doing so will help you be much more informed of what goes on in this forum.

It is also suggested that you read the Avatar Talk Rules & Guidelines. While the two threads do contain similar information, this one does contain some important information from our moderators that cover behavior expectations and other policies.

  • POST 01: Welcome
  • POST 02: How To Rate
  • POST 03: The Ratings Scale
  • POST 04: Rate Me Threads
  • POST 05: Suggestion Threads
  • POST 06: Ratings Threads
  • POST 07: Avatar Contest
  • POST 08: Discussion Threads
  • POST 09: Misc. Threads
  • POST 10: Last Words
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One of the main things that occur in Avatar Talk are the exchange of rates between users. In this section you will find all the information you need on how to rate an avatar in an appropriate way to meet Avatar Talk standards.

  • Do be sure to rate people in a polite manner.

  • Do be honest, no matter who it is you are rating. You should never give someone a biased rate just because of a status one may have, or you think they may have. When someone asks for a rate they are looking to improve and for honest opinions.

  • Do be helpful, be sure to give suggestions and/or comments to help out the person you are rating. Simply stating a number is not helpful, tell them what you like and/or what could be changed.

  • Do Be realistic with suggestions you give, Gaia has limitations on items and one must take this into consideration when rating. Just remember to ask yourself, "has this person done the best they can with what is available.?".


  • Don't be biased about items, colors or color schemes you don't like personally. Just because a user is using something you do not like does not mean they did not use it well. Be open minded about these things, if you cannot get around a bias then move along and rate someone else.

  • Don't be rude. If you don't like the persons outfit at all, don't rate them in a negative manner that could be considered flaming or trolling. Instead give them suggestions on how they can improve, after all we are here to help people look their best.

  • Don't just give a number. If you're going to rate someone, the least you can do is give them a number rate and a short explanation of why you are giving them this number. Remember to be open minded and give suggestions on how they can improve if needed.


  • If someone is wearing only a couple items, but they don't seem to match very well. Don't flame them because of this and write something like you suck/10. Instead give them suggestions on how they can improve their avatar and skip on the numbers.

  • Here in AT we are big on originality, but does that mean just because it's plain or all black it's unoriginal? Well the answer is no, just because it's plain or all black doesn't mean it's unoriginal. Take a close look at the item combinations and how often you see them now before saying its unoriginal and giving a lower rate. Please keep in mind as well that as more and more time passes being completely original is harder and harder to accomplish.

  • There are many different styles that can be found around the AT. No specific style is better than another and all should be rated equally. If you do not know how to rate a specific style please visit this guide: How Do I Rate That? You will find information on how to rate all styles from matching to non matching and everything in between.

Other helpful informational threads about ratings:
* * Democratic Avatar Rating Ethics * * [author:Bilious]
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So what's this one to ten scale all about, and what exactly do these numbers mean? Well here you go, what the rating scales are all about.

1/10. Worst score you can get, start all over. [horrible]
2/10. Still horrible, I just felt bad and gave you the 2 for effort.
3/10. Still bad keep on working at it.
4/10. Slightly below average, one or two things makes you look worse then most avatars. You have lots of improvements to get to the top.
5/10. Right in the middle, well guess what you're [average].
6/10. Better then most but still needs some work.
7/10. A rather common rating, means your avatar stands out, but it's probably lacking coordination or originality and a still needs alot of work.
8/10. A few things could still use tweaking on your av.
9/10. Almost a 10 but not quite, don't get upset, you got so close most people hardly ever give 10's because they don't believe in a perfect av. But either way a 9 is a good score, and means you should probably work on one little minor detail to improve it.
10/10. Best score you can receive. [Excellent]

Almost the 10 scale but not quite, its basically a mini version of the 10 scale, in which the numbers now mean the following...
1/5 Worst score you can get, start all over. [horrible]
2/5 Still bad keep on working at it.
3/5 Right in the middle, well guess what you're [average].
4/5 A few things could still use tweaking on your av.
5/5 Best score you can receive. [Excellent]

Typically these percents are done out of a total score of 100%. Lets say you were to get rated 80%, this would mean your rating according to the 10 scale is 8/10.

The 100 scale is the 10 scale with extra 0's added on. [Example 70/100 is the same thing as 7/10]


  • When using number ratings to rate someone, before thinking of the "stereotypical" avatar please be well aware that there are in fact many different styles of avatars. When rating someone make sure you can grasp what style they are going for, and give them a number based on how well their av matches that specific style.

  • Please remember that leaving only a number does not help the person. When rating be sure to let the person know why they are getting the number you have given. Leaving them constructive criticism and suggestions are encouraged as well. (Remember, as ATer's we are here to help people in developing style and are here to give advice not just a number.)
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Rate me threads are the most common of threads in Avatar Talk. What exactly is a rate me thread? Well a rate me thread is a thread that is made by a user so that others can rate them and give them constructive criticism on their avatar.


  • Do make a rate me thread if you seriously want to be rated, and have suggestions given to you on how to make your avatar better.

  • If you were trying to achieve a specific look do, let people know what that look is so they can base their rating on how well you pulled off that specific look.

  • Do remind people to leave a comment along with the number so you know why you got the rate you did. Also let them know if you are looking for suggestions or not.


  • Don't make a rate me thread if you're going to just make it then leave. If you do this you're not getting any help, and you're just cluttering up the AT and wasting other users time.

  • Don't make a rate me thread if you cannot handle criticism.

  • Don't make a rate me thread, and then start arguing with other users based on their rates. Doing so could get you in some serious trouble, as well as give you a bad reputation.

  • Don't make another rate me thread just because no one commented on your last one. Bump it up when it moves to the bottom of the page, and be patient.

  • Don't Ask people to rate an av in your signature. Its annoying for raters to have to scroll down just to rate you. If you want a different avatar rated then the one you are wearing please post it in your first post.


  • If you are naked or dressed in a complete set it is highly suggested that you do not make a rate me thread. If you are looking for help in creating a look, state so and make a thread asking for suggestions or tek-teks.

  • If you're wearing a complete set of items [ie. mink set. punk set. ballerina set... ect.] chances are you won't get high ratings. Originality is a big thing with most regulars of AT and using a complete set is seen as not being original.

  • Be polite. Don't start yelling or being rude at other members just because they gave you a low rating. Not everyone has the same taste in fashion as you do.
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What is a suggestion thread? Well a suggestion thread is a thread made by a user to ask for suggestions on how to improve their current avatar. (Also can be known as a help me thread, and combined with a rate me thread.)


  • Do make a suggestion thread if you feel your look is incomplete, and want help on improving.

  • Do make a suggestion as an alternative to a rate me thread if you feel your feelings will be hurt by a bad or harsh rate.


  • Don't make a suggestion thread, then start complaining you don't like the persons suggestion. It was a suggestion, they were trying to help, just wait for another one to come along.

  • Don't make a duplicate suggestion thread just because no one commented on your last one. Simply bump it up when it gets to the bottom of the page and be patient.

  • Don't make a suggestion thread asking what kind of outfit should I wear... have some kind of look already built up or and idea of what type of look you want so that users can help you achieve what you want.


  • If you're looking for new ideas, and items to use for a look. Try to help out others by posting a screen cap of your inventory, and letting everyone know what kind of price range you have to work with.

  • Be polite. Don't start yelling or being rude to other members just because they gave you a suggestion you did not like. Not everyone has the same taste in fashion as you do.

  • If you insist on asking users on how to make a look from scratch make sure you include some information on what you are trying to achieve, if you fail to do so you are not going to get the help you are looking for.
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What's the difference between a rate me thread and a ratings thread you ask? Well a ratings thread is normally a thread made by one user or a group of users for you to go to and ask that specific person('s) for a rating.

I highly suggest using these threads, if you just want quick ratings on your outfit (alot of them also offer suggestions and advice on your avatar as well). These are good threads to stop into if you just plan on abandoning your "rate me" thread or if you're leaving gaia soon.

If you are new to AT and the ways of rating, I highly suggest NOT making one of these threads. Instead go around posting in other people's RATE ME threads until you really get the hang of rating people.


  • Once again be polite. Don't start yelling or being rude at other members just because they gave you a low rating. Not everyone has the same taste in fashion as you do. (I can't stress this enough]

  • Be sure to read the first post of a rating thread for details on how that person works their thread. Most of the time you can just post rate me, and you will receive a rating... (although not all users with ratings threads work this way) Also be sure to pay attention if the person is online and is currently rating people... otherwise you probably won't get a chance to see your rating, or be rated at all.

  • While you are entitled to your opinion in your rating thread, if you are receiving alot of complaints or your entire thread is a flame war against you, you should rethink your way of rating.

  • Try not to make more then one rating thread a day. If you wish to randomly rate people for a bit it is fine, if you want to keep the thread alive turn it into a more permanent rating thread, and bump it up when you're on.

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What exactly is an avatar contest? Well an avatar contest is a contest based on what your avatar looks like in which you compete against other members for a prize.

Different Types Of Contest
AT contests have evolved, there are now many different types of contest that can be found. These contest include, but are not limited too...

  • General Contest: People pick their favorite avatar and compete against other users

  • Themed Contest: Themed contests are exactly as they sound "themed". [Example, Angelic, Demonic, 70's, Summer, Winter] Ect. Each contestant dresses to the appropriate theme.

  • Color Contest: Color contests are based on a specific color and how well users can use that color. Each contestant makes their best outfit with use of the specific color.

  • Item Contest: Item contests are normally based around the use of one specific item, used by all contestants.

  • One On One Contest: One on one contests are where two people compete against one another, normally determined by a poll. (First person to a set number of votes wins.) These types of contests are normally ongoing, and are just general contests (best avatar wins).

  • Elimination Contest: Elimination contests, are longer contests. These contests will normally consist of a group of people competing in different rounds of the avatar contest. [Example: The contest starts out with 10 contestants, the contestants are then given an item, color, or theme to follow. These contestants normally have a day or two, to PM or post their avatar for the contest creator. After all have been turned in, each will be judged. The person with the lowest score will then be eliminated and another round with the remaining 9 contestants will begin, this will continue until it comes down to 1 contestant remaining.]

  • SIM Contest: SIM contest, are contests where the contestants do not need to use their personal avatar and may use an avatar simulator, or a mixture of the two. (Please note that SIM contest where you are looking for an avatar to be made for you now belong in the Dressing Room

A few things to keep in mind

  • Make the contest thread look nice. Don't just post the word contest, followed by the contestants. Give it some detail, how it will be judged, the rules, the theme... etc.

  • If you are going to be making any profit at all make sure it is reasonable try to keep only 10% Lets say each person pays 100g, and there are 10 contestants, you would keep 100... No one likes to join a contest where the owner of it is making more profit then the people who win. An acceptable excuse for a larger profit would be if the profit is going to a quest or charity. [maybe keep 20-30%] Be sure to let others know what the contest profit is going to, and why.

  • Keep the contest thread as active as you can and visible as much as possible on the first page.

  • Don't be a rude owner, remember to be polite.

WARNING: If you are hosting a contest and promise a prize, even if users are not paying to enter the contest you still must give out the promised prize. If you decide to close the contest early you must pay. If you shut down early you must pay. If you decide to not pay the prize promised this is SCAMMING and you could be banned for doing so.

For more information please visit the F.A.A.C.T.S Thread. (Federation Against Avatar Contest & Tek Tek Scamming)
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Well surprise, surprise Avatar Talk is in fact not all about rating one another. We also like to have discussions with things related to our avatars as well. In this section you will find the information you need to know on how to start a proper discussion thread in the AT.


  • Avatars/Outfits - Well the forum is called avatar talk you know? Feel free to talk about any avatar and outfit related subjects.

  • Items - Items and avatars just have to go together, without items avatar talk would be nothing. However, if you are looking to just make suggestions about what items you would like to see on Gaia and not discuss them I encourage you to post in the official item suggestion thread.

  • Rating - You are allowed to discuss different styles, and types of rating practices.

When in a discussion thread remember to keep the forums behavior expectations in mind. Remain polite and courteous to other users' opinions. If a discussion happens to start turning into an argument and it starts getting too out of hand please contact a mod to move the thread. (Please use your best judgment before doing so).
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This section of AT 101 is to notice all the unique threads that lie hidden in the AT forum in general. There are many different threads that bring users who are commonly in avatar talk together.

Thread: F.A.A.C.T.S (Federation Against Contest & Tek Tek Scamming)
Author: Jibo Phoenix (Under Mule: Avatar Talk)
About: A thread to help bring awareness on how to avoid being scammed in an avatar or tek tek contest. This thread also offers rates and a monthly contest.

Thread: The Arena How To Guide
Author: Vivid Fizz
About: A Helpful guide for how to make Avatar Arena ready avatars. Contains helpful tip for both the regular and cosplay arenas.

Thread: The Original Rate Your Avatar
Author: MrSwiss
About: As the title says this is infact the original rate your avatar thread, and perhaps the oldest active thread in AT. Going strong since May 2003! eek

Thread: The Style Database
Author: candycrack
About: A guide to all the styles found throughout The Avatar Talk and gaia. The guide is a community effort to help everyone understand the various styles and their specific elements. This guide is helpful for becoming a more informed rater, as well as how to create these styles.

Thread: The Unofficial Avatar Talk Tek-Tek Etiquette Thread
Author: Jibo Phoenix
About: A Handy Guide to proper etiquette of tek-tek threads. A very important thread to read to all those who are interestead in the tek-tek aspect of AT. Also includes a helpful tek-tek directory.
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There are alot of people who have taken time and helped out to get AT 101 to where it is now. In this section I just want to take the time to give a few thank yous

  • A HUGE thank you to BarbieSlave & The Mods for giving me the opportunity to remake a new AT 101 for the new standards of the AT.

  • A HUGE thank you to Boombanda, who originally made AT 101 a sticky. (March 12 2004)

  • Thank you to Klip for the wonderful idea of listing the rating scale and giving a general idea for what each number actually means.

  • Thank you to everyone who supports this thread and has taken the time to read it.

  • Thank you to everyone who has helped in giving suggestions along the way.

  • Thank you to everyone who's pointed out errors along the way. I can't catch everything you know sweatdrop

  • Huge Thanks to all the mods who have restickied the 101. (I seem to break it alot.)

Well this is the end of avatar talk 101. I hope you found this thread helpful, and useful. The whole point of this thread is so that when new users come into AT they will hopefully read this and learn what to do and what not to do.

  • If you have suggestions or comments [good or bad] please feel free to PM me.

  • Also remember to be polite and respect other users' opinions. Once again I'm stressing this because too many members make rate me and suggestion threads just to start yelling and complaining because they didn't get the ratings or suggestions they were looking for or liked.

  • The banner at the top of the page was made by candycrack.

  • The AT 101 was the first informational sticky of the Avatar Talk, and the guidelines of the forum for a very long time. It was one of the few open stickies on gaia where users were free to post. With new changes and improvements, come a new era of the Avatar Talk Community, the old sticky will be missed by many of its regulars, but tek-tek has finally been given its own forum. The Original Avatar Talk 101

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