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Ahoy AT. If you've been to the original thread, you know what's going on. For anyone new, this is the Avatar Assembly Line. Originally, this thread was started to see how we, as a whole, could put together an avatar. After much success, this thread was moved to The Dressing Room. Now, however, it is totally fine being in AT so I decided to bring back the thread. So stick around and have lots of fun.

The Purpose of this thread is to take the posted base and continuously add items to said base before it is deemed "finished", like in the example. The challenge is to cooperate together and piece together different avatar styles. No prizes or winners, just good old fun. Read below for more rules.
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Thanks to TvivT for helping me with the
base, even though he was being a total
jerkface about it.


Note: Before reading any further, make sure you have read the rules and understand fully.

•Read The entire first 1-4 posts. Read them well, understand them well. If you do not understand something, post in the thread and it will be explained to you fully.
•Go to the last page of the thread and see if there is an avatar base currently being edited. You might have to go to the previous page. If there is, claim a spot. If not, wait for a staff member to make a base. NOTE- Claiming a spot means you get to edit the base after the person before you. Say you are person 4, that means you go after 3 but before 5. If the base is deemed finished before it's your turn, you will have to claim another spot on the next base.
• Once it's your turn to edit, click on the image and add your items. It's helpful to go into dream free but not always needed. Remember, you can only add 5 or less items and you cannot cover any existing items completely. NOTE- If you take too long, over 40 minutes, you will be SKIPPED. That means, you lose your place in line. You would then need to re-claim a spot.
•Post your avatar in the thread and watch as someone else takes the same role you did. You CAN add to an avatar more than once, but not in a row.
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• Follow ToS, AT Rules, Staff and Moi.
• You can only add a maximum of 5 items and a minimum of 1.
• You cannot alter the base. [if I put hair on the avatar, the hair cannot be changed without using an item [aka a wig]. If I start a base with pants on you cannot take them off or change them.]
• If you'd like to add to the base next, just post that you're next. If you don't post your base within 30-40 minutes we will skip over your request for next and allow someone else to go. Sorry.
• When adding items, it would be very helpful if you quoted the last person who had the base and posted the new base. This makes it much easier to keep track of who did what and so forth.
• Please remember that someone is coming to add more items to the avatar. Be mindful of others and try not to make the avatar too complex to work with.
• If no one comes along to add more items or if a Staff member decides that the avatar is complete, we will deem the avatar as Finished and post its journey from the base to the finished avatar.
• You are not allowed to completely cover items someone else added. This does not mean you can not layer over them, this means that the item has to remain visible throughout the assembly.
• Yes, you can go more than once on one assembly, but not in a row.
• Layering does not have to be strictly realistic to Gaia's layering, but also cannot be strictly dream free layering. What I mean is, you don't have to rely only on Gaia's layering, but do not take advantage of dream free and add 5 pairs of shoes or 20 necklaces.
new• Feel free to leave base suggestions for staff members to use. We love your imput.
• Have fun! We need a lot more of that around here.


HARD sunshine
Kitt Koneko
eleventh day

• All staff must be active. By active I mean posting here at least once a week. This will not be an extremely strict rule, but I don't want to hire and ask people for help if you're not going to be here ><.
• When making a base, you equip hair, eyes, underwear and adding a mouth is optional. You may also add items to a base but those items cannot be altered.
• When ending a base, please use your better judgment. An avatar can cram a lot of items on it, so try to stop it before it gets too extreme.


Q: Can I join?
Yes n_n

Q: Can I go next?

Q: How do you play?
Read the how to join guide above

Q: Do we have to use realistic layering?
Not entirely. Multiple items on the same layer are allowed but do NOT go overboard. 20 hats and 5 pairs of shoes are examples of overboard.

Further explanation by Social Bondage
Social Bondage
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well let me explain what we mean a bit. The above avatar has two layerings inconsistent with Gaia, one we'd accept and another we wouldn't.

In the top half, the gogh reed and fleece vest are both "vest" layer, and thus can't equip. But many people would agree, that the gogh reed desert wrap often serves as a sort of belt or sash for avatars, and roughly would rarely look as ridiculous as actually wearing two vests simultaneously. For that reason, we'd accept this layering.

On the bottom, we see a pair of jeans layered over another pants layer in a way that looks ridiculous. The underlying pants can't even be distinguished as pants, or as anything that the avatar might actually be wearing. It is simply a blob of color, which just so happens to still be visible after the second pants are awkwardly layered above it.

If, say, we had taken the SP work pants and layered them UNDERNEATH those jack puffed pants, the layering would be much more realistic, as the sp work pants would look more like a second pair of pants that are sometimes worn underneath puffed breeches.

But over, it becomes awkward and forced.

Q: Can I join staff?
Only if you first, read the rules and second, pm me for consideration. You do NOT need to be on the staff in order to join in.

Q: Can I create/end a base?
Only if you're staff. Feel free to post your base ideas anyway though, some staff members will consider using them.

Q: How do I get to/use dream free? [Thanks@ [ Sandy ] for the new image blaugh ]
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Q: Hey! So and so went before me when so and so did not claim a spot!
They will be dealt with by thread staff.

Q: Hey! I went before so and so without claiming a spot!
Jerkface, please read the rules

Q: Can I do [insert something against ToS, AT or MY Rules]?
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3 Million thanks to Navean for taking the time to bring the past assemblies up to speed.

old assemblies thread ; new old assembles thread

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lol Don't feel bad cuz ur slow bee I knew about this thread several days ago lol
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This is Witchcraft! ninja

        i dont feel bad, big ugly bear,
        because i just clicked AT, saw this thread,
        and posted. i didn't waste any of my precious
        life refreshing a page, waiting for it to be open to post.
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blunder bee

        i dont feel bad, big ugly bear,
        because i just clicked AT, saw this thread,
        and posted. i didn't waste any of my precious
        life refreshing a page, waiting for it to be open to post.
I didn't do that either lol ronnie messaged me cause I called 1st post days ago 4laugh
Grrr, I got distracted by Home Alone. >:

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