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Ice-Cold Knight

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not too hard for me... since my base skin is well and vamp to begin with
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Playful Sweetheart

    well i really wanted to make a scary avatar for Halloween this year. i've never made a scary avatar.
    i keep trying to tektek one but i just.. can't. sweatdrop
    i did want to go from the usual cutesy avatars i make to something different but it just didn't work out. D:
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Thieving Pirate

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I love branching out to make a theme avi for event/holiday. I'm just not into this event yet but I will try to make something up. 3nodding
I do like to change my skin tone every now and then so I might go vamp this year.
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Magic Mage

Um, well, not really. I'm an orc for Orctober and I seem to be doing fine with that. I haven't even used a skin to cheat yet. In the past I've spent time as a centaur, a dark elf, a grombie... one October I even spent the whole month as a tentacle monster. I like going above and beyond for Halloween. I'll probably be switching costumes every day or so all month long.

... The one thing that does make me uncomfortable is wearing an avatar with no green in it. The orc skin is great for countering that.
kitten tea's avatar

Shy Gaian


I change, A LOT. I already tried to come up with an event avatar, but I got bored of it already. I'm going to wait until the actual event starts. I can't change into the vampire skin, because I can't STAND that stupid skin.
My mule is an elf, and even that was weird. The color of it just throws me off, it's just hard to come up with something that looks good. I'm not the best at making avatars though.

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Cluttered Kitten

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Oh yeah, I get stuck on certain avatars all the time. I always come up with new ideas, but I usually switch back to favorites.
I have the most difficult time settling on changing to new avis. In the past year, I've probably had only three or four solid avis.
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Handsome Shounen

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My avatars tend to all look the same anyway. o3o
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O.G. Gaian

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Eh, I generally tend to switch around with what I'm doing for the lulz.

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Aged Gearhead

This avie is the closest i am going to get to going along with the event.

My mule on the other hand....
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Partying Poster

I never have a hard time changing my avatar. And depending on the event I may dress up for it. Like for the Rejected Olympics I did use the items that came with it during that event but with this Halloween event I won't be dressing as a vampire or dark elf because I already have an outfit I plan to use during Halloween.
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Sparkly Sex Symbol

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I change my avatar like 50 times a day sometimes. :/ I just feel weird with one, so I switch it, then that feels weird so I switch THAT.. it's an endless loop.
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Durem Mage

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I changed my avatar for the RO event to show my Durem support, and a pirate for that pirate mini-event. I'll probably do a winter/Christmas theme avatar in December. I have no plans or interest on changing my avatar into a vampire or dark elf. Since the skins aren't really my comfort zone.

I already have an avatar for the ToT event. I'm going as a pirate! Unless Gaia releases new items that will change my mind.

My current avatar was easy to make, since I knew what I wanted, when the jumper pose came out in the BoB. I just equipped it with the Trilune's Promise staff and the rest just followed. I'm quite proud of this one, since I usually have trouble creating avatars. When I get a new idea for an avatar and go off to create it thinking this is going to be great, only for it to lead to frustration on matching the colors and just dropping it altogether. I mainly use the avatars I have saved because of this. The only avatars I've kept on for a long time is my current one and my Ravenclaw witch avatar.
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Tipsy Reindeer

Mine's sort of the opposite. I don't have "usual outfits", but I do enjoy changing my avatar quite a bit- so I'm having a REAL hard time not changing out of my halloween avatar. I mean I really like my current avatar, but the habit of changing and the want to change is really bugging me. lol

Perhaps I'm running my themed avatar too soon.

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