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That sounds very much how I reacted when I tried to force myself to make a "decent" avi out of the red pinstripe top.

I didn't like it. It was so ugly gonk

That item just does my head in, and I've yet to see anyone else use it (would like to see someone actually make it work, but the odds of that are rare).
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sweatdrop I tried to do a vampire avi for the event, that only lasted a few days because I find CoP's facemods irritating for some reason, so I switched to this on thats a somewhat more halloweeny theme to it, but I'm having the hardest time resisting to change back.
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Since dark elves naturally have brown skin, I'm sticking with that. (Even though I'm a vampire, maybe you can say I'm half-vampire, half-dark elf?) I like that shade and I can switch out my outfits anyway I want as long as I have my pointed ears.
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Kawaii Striker

There's a reason why I'm not dressing for the event sweatdrop
I like to dress as "in character" as possible and my character is a tengu
there's like no way she could dress more for this event without changing her skin
and by that point she's really not her character anymore
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I'll probably go event themed once it starts to pick up
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I couldn't ever change my avatar from her twi'lek self. It's become a staple of who I am and well...it's who she actually is. I've never really changed my avatars for events at all. I think I only ever participated in Halloween by doing something that resembled a costume...however I always feel like everything the avatars have are costume like.
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In my Outfit list, I have one saved that's called "Base Kyla". Whenever I make an outfit, I start by clicking that. Base Kyla is all of the kitty items, the nitemare band, the tattoos, and the gold wing. I mostly use that base, and build her outfit around that. It's difficult for me to save an outfit any other way xp Though sometimes if I just feel like being different I'll give her a completely different look with different skins and such. But those never last very long.
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I tried to make a more Durem elegant outfit meshed with my cyborg monochrome badassery. I almost clicked save. ALMOST. Instead I threw together a kinda badass outfit and put on the old von helson brooch. I'm wearing red. Color means I'm dedicated to a certain extent.
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Decorated Nerd

For the rejected olympics I could only keep my Aekea avatar for like a few hours at a time. It was too boring (black and white) and I wanted color very badly all the time.
I don't think different outfits are uncomfortable, I make widely varying avatars and I keep some for a while without it bothering me. It's just that I'll come up with something else and want to wear than instead, more than anything being bothersome.
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Wild Lover

I wanted to try make a dark elf avatar, just to see.. I haven't been able to use the skin before, because it's very dark x.x But now that I'm used to it then I don't want to change back again xD
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I'm actually always struggling with "I want to keep certain avatars for a long time", and "I want to change my avi as many times as possible". So really, I don't really care how I look, but when I think I look good I want to keep it that way...but not?

I hate that I have a short attention span sometimes.
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I usually don't do event avatars, mainly because my style is hard to transfer into one.

And fyi, I'm a vampire. I just don't use the vampire potion cause it makes me look more sickly than I tend to be.
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Aged Gearhead

I'll but together a "battle" outfit once the actual even gets under way but for now it will be my usual look.

Actually by the time you read this I might have all ready changed. I'm thinking a cold weather look.
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Magical Kitten

I've gotten to the point where I don't change very often. The outfit I have right now I've been tinkering with for weeks until I was satisfied, and now I really really like it. Other Avis that have become semi-permanent were the result of randomly throwing things together that ended up layering in an unexpectedly nice way, and a new item that was lovely but had a hard to work with color.
I will change to something new, something cutesy that I thought was adorable, and then after about an hour get sick of it and change back to one of my regular outfits. I don't plan on changing for the event, but I do have a battle outfit in the works if I change my mind.
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I hear you on this one.
It's pretty rare that I ever change my Avvy, (which kinda makes me wonder why I buy/hoard so many Items xp ).
I have maybe four outfits that I use with any regularity...Halloween, Christmas, Easter and my "Every Day Wear" Avvy, but beyond those, it's pretty unusual to see WideEyed "out of uniform" wink

I can't say why I'm so limited with my avvy choices, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that, to some extent, how WideEyed looks, is how WideEyed looks!
If she looked like someone/something else, then she wouldn't be WideEyed.

Know what I mean?

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