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Congrats must go to SilverFalco and Ash for winning the very first season of After Tonight!

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Welcome to Serenity Laketon
A small town community with big money roots.

You’ve heard of it, haven’t you? The home of Gaia’s elite of the elite? The town where sex, drugs, and amnesia run as rampant as the wind? The most secluded, secretive, expensive place in the world?
Of course you have. Everyone has. And anyone who hasn’t isn’t worth the space they take up.
I only ask because last year the Serenity Laketon City Council opened some prime lake front real estate to a developer and just last week that developer finished the final touches on the world’s newest and most exquisite of buildings: the Quiet Oaks Luxury Apartments.
Only six tenants are being allowed to move in and there have already been stories of strange happenings. Sordid tales of drugs and sex. Scandalous calls and a mysterious handmade newspaper.
What is waiting for these lucky few? Will they ever discover the truth?
And who will survive After Tonight?

The prize pool is now 110,000 gold thanks to a donation!

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After Tonight
Will You Love Me Tomorrow As Much As You Did Yesterday?

TAB Ash watched as Sicilia struggled on the floor with the young woman he had known as Texas. He pulled against his twin’s grip, but couldn’t break free. He closed his eyes when Sicilia screamed.
TAB Fighting the uneasy feeling in his stomach, he kicked at his twin’s legs. The imitation yelped as it slipped to the floor. He kicked it in the head. Over and over again he kicked the body on the floor. One for his grandfather. One for each tenant that had passed. Two for Sicilia’s deafening scream still in his head.
TAB Sicilia’s twin put up more of a fight. She threw a punch, but missed. She fell forward, crashing to the marble floor. Ash picked up the wooden coffee table. He closed his eyes as smashed it down. Sicilia’s mimic whimpered and fell silent.
TAB Ash turned to Sicilia, still lying on the floor. Texas’ body was a few feet away, Ash never knew how Sicilia managed to fend the young woman off. He knelt beside Sicilia and touched her face. She was cold. She smiled as much as she could.
TAB “Looks…” She coughed up blood. “Looks like we made it.”
TAB “Yeah.” Ash didn’t want to say too much. He was watching a friend die. He had a hard time holding the tears back.
TAB “What do we do now?”
TAB “What do you want to do?” Ash swallowed, hoping she wouldn’t see the hurt.
TAB “First, I need a new arm.” She laughed, but it quickly deteriorated into a cough fit. “After that…”
TAB “What?”
TAB “I’ve always wanted to see Bali…”
TAB “Maybe we can go together.” Ash smiled through the tears.
TAB Sicilia took in a shallow breath, but didn’t let it out. Something about her face had changed. She was no longer filled with life.
TAB It was hard for Ash to let go of her. Even after the paramedics came. They had to pull him away.
TAB When they wheeled her out on a cart, Ash didn’t know if he could leave. He knew that the moment he stepped outside, he’d be the only one left. It wasn’t really something he wanted. He had made so many friends. He had been through so much. Not a single person on earth could understand what he had gone through in the Quiet Oaks Luxury Apartments…


TAB There were a lot of could have beens. Too many happy endings were passed by. Too many roads were left empty.
TAB But one made it. One managed to survive the heartache and death. And as the screen fades to black, we can rest easy that Ash made it out of the Quiet Oaks Luxury Apartments and is on his way to a better life.

Will Ash make amends with his past? Will he move on becoming better than who he was? Or will the shadow of the Quiet Oaks Luxury Apartments be too much to handle?

Life goes on After Tonight.


There’s a soft flicker of light. Ash opens his eyes, too afraid that he’ll find himself surrounded by the fear of a mad woman and the evil twins. He sees a soft smile, a woman so beautiful she looked as if she constantly danced on water.
Gray eyes stare at him. “Ash.” Her voice is a melody.
He lifts his head and reaches for the woman’s silky brown hair. She’s lit by tiny flashes of light. He smiles as she takes his breath and winds it into strings of golden life.
“Ash, lie back down. You’ll hurt yourself.”
He doesn’t believe he can ever be hurt again.
“The doctor is coming, Ash, but you must lie down. I would hate to have to restrain you again.”
Suddenly, the world isn’t so beautiful.
“Ah, Nurse Isabelle. How is Ash doing today?” The doctor’s voice shatters Ash.
“He seems to be doing fine, I think he’s finally coming out of that psychotic break. He hasn’t said anything about the apartments today.”
“Ash.” The doctor is louder than he needs to be. “Do you know where you are? You’re in the hospital.”
“But… Sicilia? Texas?” Ash’s throat burns.
“Ash, your grandfather brought you here three months ago when you had a psychotic break. You're sick." The doctor sighs as he sits on Ash's bed. "The apartments. The tenants. The murder. All of that was just in your head…”

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Episode 07: When The Lights Go Out
When Texas returns and shows her true colors, the tenants must battle for their lives. Will the darkness be chased away? Or will the flickering light of hope be blown out for the very last time?

Watch the most anticipated finale to the most watched television show ever, After Tonight. Exclusively on ATN.

Round Requirements
The End.
This round you will create an avatar that shows how your character has grown and changed from the very first round. I want to see major differences. The easiest way to do that is to start with your original character (or in Aero's case the avatar after Sicilia faked her own death) and begin to alter them. Alter their clothing to make them look changed. These characters have gone through some tough times. Are they stronger for it? Smarter? Better? Or have they cracked under the pressure?
I do NOT expect characters to look like how I've written them in the story. They should be altered in any way you see fit (even if it doesn't match them in the story). These are your characters.
And then, in the same avatar, I want you to make them look like they’ve gone through hell. Cover them in blood. Give them cuts and bruises. Bandage them. Do what you can to make them look like they've battled for their lives.
I not only want your character to look changed, but also want them to look like they’ve fought to change.
If you have any questions ask.

Final Round Judging
This last avatar will be judged like normal, but you will also receive a third xx/10 score. This score will be based on past entries. I will judge how your character has developed over the course of the entire contest.
So to clarify the final round rubric will look like this:
Creativity: xx/10
Visuals: xx/10
Development: xx/10
Total: xx/30

Round Due: March 3rd.
If you need an extension ask.

You have any time until I log in on the 4th to get entries in.

Bases (this information applies to every round that uses your original character):
I will allow changes to the bases of characters (list of allowed changes below), but I want these characters to keep the style and soul of the original looks of their bases.
Allowed Changes:
Eyes. As long as they remain a similar color.
Hair. Almost any change may be made with the right reasoning. For instance dyeing, cutting, and adding extensions, are all perfectly okay.
And finally scars, noses, beauty marks and any other changes may be made if you’re looking to give your character a bit of plastic surgery.
Skin color should not change unless you want to tan your character which then allows for you to use a skin ONE shade darker than your original.
Basically, I'm lenient on changes as long as I'm given a good enough reason.
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Current Episode...
An in depth look at the characters from this episode.

Aerovinity as Sicilia Burke

User Image

The shot went off, but I guess it was a blind. Or, whatever it's called whenever a shot doesn't go off. Since there was only one shot in it, the gun was useless. And that was when who i believed was Texas, came after me.

Hair was grabbed. Screams were exclaimed, but the fight wasn't over. Not yet at least. I admit though; the b***h could bite. Wait, I mean fight! Oh wait, she bit me a few times too though. oh, she can do both! Right? Right. Right!

"C'mon, you ditzy little c**t; I can make it all better for you! Nobody will have to listen to your incessant rambling, or gum flapping, or anything else coming from your stupid, empty head!"

"now, how on planet does that help me? Why does that seem like it'll only benefit someone else?" She tackles me then, pinning my arm to the ground. "Because, that's exactly what i mean! Now lay still so I can cleave you to pieces!"

I scream when she cuts my arm off. And then she goes for my other hand, but I push her off before that. I don't know how I do it, but I end up grabbing her neck in my arm, and kicking her legs out from under her, bending her back. The sickening crunch of it breaking is enough of a signal for me.

I'm quivering, my boobs jiggling just as much... oh gosh, I said it again! *giggle* I wonder if this will ever stop? I guess not.

Shuffling feet alarms me, so I play dead. I don't get a good enough look, but I'm guessing it's Ash. He must have thrown away his bad self, so he escaped. Smart boy! But I should probably do the same in case they come back, no?

I shuffle over to Texas, checking her body for anything of value. Turns out she had the check from her fake charity event still on her, without a signature! By some odd, soap opera show luck, I find a pen in the rubble, and sign my own name, thankful i lost my left arm and not my right one. After that I stumble out of the apartments, trying to stay awake, but end up blacking out right there on the pavement.


I wake up in a hospital, machines beeping and whirring around my head. Apparently I'm going to be scared, an amputee AND now have epilepsy, thanks to the overexposure of flashing lights. They proscribe me a heavy dosage of medicine, and charge me what was probably at least one months rent at the apartment. I at least had the check, which had more than enough money to support me in the future.


And that's how we got here, five years later. I changed my name, got my hair dyed and cut, had an eye operation, and even decided on getting a boob reduction. *giggle* I still like saying "boob" sometimes. The prosthetic arm was also quite a bit of money, but well worth it. I look like a pirate! Argh! *giggle*

I have never seen Ash after that day though; I'm happy for him, that he escaped. At least, I thought it was Ash. It might have been his evil twin, for all I know. I just hope he's happy. That's all I want. *sound over an intercom* Oh my! i gotta go, my flight to Bali is starting to pre-board without me! Bye!


Creativity: 10/10
Visuals: 8/10
Development: 6/10
Total: 24/30

As far as this entry goes, she's actually my favorite Sicilia avatar. The best you've made. She's a bit too blue for her own good, though, she looks a bit like a monochrome avatar that just didn't manage to succeed.
I love the creativity you used replacing her arm. The sleeve is perfect.

Sicilia went from first eliminated to final two. And despite a strange start that couldn't find a happy medium, she found who she was because she was let go.
I do think she's been closer to that happy medium (between ditzy and smart), but she's still a bit hit or miss.
You were creative and smart with the crazier rounds, but the rounds where you needed a solid character are where you faltered. Her style, her color choices, even her face just lack a cohesion to tie your entire group of avatars together. While most are solid avatars on their own, it's hard to just looks at your avatars without the stories and see the common thread.

SilverFalco as Ashley "Ash" Jardine

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
It was time to grow up. Or perhaps better put, it was time to face reality. Ash had run away from it for far too long. He took a trip down back to the shore where he had recently made a scene flopping around in a mermaid tail.

It would be closure.

Paintings after paintings burned. He touched his fingers to his eyes, still bruised from where his evil twin had hit him, breaking his glasses (he'd been using an older spare pair since). It was a habit from being a bit of a crybaby. But he wasn't crying now. Those days were over. Now, there were things to be done. Confessions to be made. Skeletons to pull out of the closets. He had taken off the watch, at last. Ash half wanted to burn it with his paintings, but he still needed it, for what was ahead. He turned and stared resolutely across the ocean.

It was a time of reckoning.


Creativity: 8/10
Visuals: 8/10
Development: 10/10
Total: 26/30

This is a solid avatar, the coat is a nice choice as are the bruises and the cast, but I'm having trouble really finding something that stands out on him. He's still very much Ash. And that's keeping me from being awed.

Ash had a slow but solid start. It wasn't until I met his love, the mermaid in his painting, that I truly understood who he was.
While sometimes you weren't creative enough to think out of the box, I always knew what avatar was Ash. Even your evil twin looks enough like Ash for me to recognize immediately. Your style is firm, even in the more creative rounds when you actually let some great creativity take hold, and that in the end is what won this.

Judging Rubric
Creativity (how interesting the avatar and your take on the round is): x/10
Visuals (the character's character, style, and all around visual appeal): x/10
Total: xx/20
1 means awful, 5 means average, and 10 means I wouldn't change a thing
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The Tenants
A handy guide to every tenant of the Quiet Oaks Luxury Apartments.

Ashley "Ash" Jardine in apartment 808

User Image | User Image | User Image | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

played by Silverfalco

Sicilia Burke in apartment 452

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image | User Image | User Image

User Image | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image

played by Aerovinity

Texas Candi Holiday in apartment 123

Texas was killed at the end of Episode 02: Deer In The Headlines.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

played by tea bakeries

Josephine Johnson in apartment 270

Josephine ran away, followed by the police, at the end of Episode 03: The Mice Will Play.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

played by flickadur

Lucrecia Cruz in apartment 361

Lucrecia was killed by an explosion at the end of Episode 04: Explosive Secrets.

User Image | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. | User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

played by eleventh day

Brian Eichmann in apartment 439

Mr. Eichmann was 'taken care of' in Episode 05: Forget Me What?

User Image | User Image | User Image | User Image | User Image

played by 0-DCB

Klaus Ranier Zeitung in apartment 998

Klaus was 'taken care of' in Episode 05: Forget Me What?

User Image | User Image | User Image | User Image | User Image

played by la faux pas

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