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who is ur fav character

Amon 0.16129032258065 16.1% [ 5 ]
Korra 0.32258064516129 32.3% [ 10 ]
Bolin 0.38709677419355 38.7% [ 12 ]
Makko 0.12903225806452 12.9% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 31 ]
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Questionable Prophet

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Girl-Crazy Codger

        Bolin, Korra, and Lin for me.
        I think I might enjoy Asami too, but I haven't seen enough of her to judge either way.
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Dapper Hunter

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Amon's right-hand man, the guy with the goggles/shock prods.
Dude's a boss.
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Poll lacks Jinora.
Bolin is my favorite so far. After him has to come Meelo and Jinora.
I like whichever one spells the best.
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You know the people I REALLY like aren't up on his list </3 Toph's kick ar$3 daughter and tenzin
<.,< forgive me if I spelled his name wrong. And I like Amon a lot specifically bc... he has me thinking left and right and has me insanely curious/interested as to how this story is going to play out. Okay so he can pull an aang *seals your bending for eternity bs* HOW on earth can he do that @_@ must... know D< I bet Tenzin knows something D<<<<< he has that "I know something you don't need to know" vibe to him D<
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Rainbow Gekko

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i gotta say Bolin <3
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Greedy Capitalist

Amon is a creepy coward so far in my opinion. I'm waiting to see how he turns out later in the season... it's still early.

I like Makko and Bolin, they're a funny/odd set of brothers. I wanna know more about their past.

If you mean hiding from the city, well, duh..

If you mean Amon hiding from the Avatar, well, like he said, defeating the Avatar would only make her a martyr.

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