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Because I want to be sexy, intimidating, with a smoky voice, and ride a creepy mole.

Except I get to kick a** and get paid for it.

+Uncle Iroh hitting on me with his old man's charm. biggrin
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Tipsy Demigod

If you really can't tell...you need to slam your face into a tree.

Seriously. I'll even GIVE you a tree.
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Comedian Amon
If you really can't tell...you need to slam your face into a tree.

Seriously. I'll even GIVE you a tree.

Were not talking about trees Amon
I would probably choose Korra cuase she's the avatar, she can bend anything!!! blaugh 3nodding
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Altessa Belmont
Lin. Who WOULDN'T want to be that bad-a** all the time? She looks like she can kick a** while she's getting dressed!
Know dead or alive? Christie from the Movie, She did that.
mrgreen 3nodding My fave character is korra she is really pretty and being the avatar would totally rock!!
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i would wana be shady shin hes a boss
I think t would be cool to be one of Tenzin's children or Tenzin himself xp after all, he is the son of the previous avatar.
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who is the guy with the mask who saves korra when she was kidnapped by a blood bender (sorta new to series)
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IRL I would want to be Lin. Who wouldn't want to be a metal-bending badass?
Or the Lieutenant. Whenever he gets the crap beaten out of him, he still somehow manages to pop right back up. The durability of that man is amazing.
Well, of course Korra is awesome but I'd rather be Ikki because she's an airbender and she's fun--loving, eergetic and talkative... like me! whee
I'd want to be the Avatar. If I was Korra I'd have been one hell of a d**k of an Avatar. There would have been a hell of a lot more chasms opening and people falling into them. Of course those pits would also have earth spikes for them to get impaled on.

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