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I didn't know they were making another one... 0_0
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Chatan Cho
A new director, screenwriter, and cast


Also, all evidence of the first one in flames. KILL IT WITH FIRE. User Image
Chatan Cho
A new director, screenwriter, and cast
i completely agree. they completely butchered the plot and how the bending looks/works. i may watch it if the new one was close to the last airbender or korra but if it was like the previous movie it would be pointless
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If M. Night Shyamalan is still going to do the next one, I want to see NOTHING.
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No M. Night.
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I heart heart the Doctor
What would you like to see in the next Avatar movie? question rofl

The Avatar, for one. :p Meaning, no Smurfs, of course.
That Movie was utterly terrible and horrendous, this movie did not at all illustrate what the Avatar the last airbender was, it made a horrible representation of what the show is and was. I hate that movie.
There should never be another movie extending from that one ever agian.
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That there's should not EVER be a movie again. At all. The TV Series is amazing. The movie ruined the image.
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Make it fully animated flim, get the same voice actors that spoke for the characters choosen in the flim. Have a full understanding of lore and how bending works. Finally have the creaters of Avatar be there during production and have a say on every single thing that is put inside the flim

That would be awesome!
Since the series is based off of Japanese anime, why not make animated films that have cool entertaining storylines that are non canon? Most Japanese animes add films, so why can't an American cartoon do the same?
It sounds like a good idea. emotion_c8
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have a say on every single thing that is put inside the film

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