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Water, just because i can bend it into ice ;D
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I would choose fire bending with the lightning in addition. These two seem to be very powerful.
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Air or Water
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Well, let me start off with saying that you can only bend side elements if you can bend the main element. You can only lightningbend if you are a firebender (or the Avatar), you can only metalbend if you are an earthbender (or the Avatar) and you can only bloodbend if you are a waterbender (or the Avatar, you get my point)... So. Yeah. =w= You can't just bend a side element as to do so would require the basics of the main one.

Anyway! My sassiness aside, I would love to be an earthbender. c: My personality is also that of an earthbender. However, to bend air would also be awesome.
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I would live to be a Firebender, or possibly an Airbender.. heart
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You wouldn't really be able to chose, but you can get a close guess based on your personality. For instance, these are not the only things linked to each element, but some basic ones.
Water - Change
Earth - Stubborn
Fire - Passion
Air - Peaceful

So I would most likely be an earth bender, I'm very stubborn. 3nodding
Fire Bender =3= like azula, except id be nicer duh. she shexy
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For me, only coffee bending will do; but, since you make coffee with water (as well as fire), I'd have to be twins, one a fire bender, and the other, a water bender. cat_mrgreen
Either Fire or Earth. Perhaps Air in the old days where Airbenders were still around. ^^
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Water seems pretty cool plus water is basically all around us
fire biggrin
Water. 3nodding
Water includes bloodbending, which is basically controlling people against their will.. and like in the show theres water in almost everything, including the air around us and plants.
So for me, it would be water, without a question.
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I'd totally go for water. If you're good enough, you can access that like. Nearly anywhere. Plus, if you're a water bender, you can learn how to blood bend. So definitely waterbending.
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Air,cause i'm most like an air nomad....
but all the quizzes say i'm a waterbender sweatdrop

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