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For those of you who picked 'metal bending' that is the same thing as in earth bending. Metal is just a purified substance of earth.
All in all I'd choose water bending slice !! yum_bacon
In the avatar world I would choose fire..because well it's sexy xD
In the real world I would choose earth because I would totally use it to make an awesome castle in my 10acre backyard....
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Earth or water.

Lemme just get this out of the way, I have no interest in being a firebender or airbender. Firebending is the most destructive and I don't feel like you can do that much with airbending.

Anyway, I'm leaning towards earth because I think it suits me. It could be really useful for building stuff, and even getting around! (Anyone remember Static Shock? Remember how Static had that little metal disc board thing he stood on and controlled with his magnetic powers? Then I can do the same thing with a rock.) Also, combat-wise, it's like a "hard style" of bending, and really, when it comes to martial arts (I'm a karateka), I have this habit of doing a technique hard style when I'm supposed to be doing it soft style. Also, metalbending. Just metalbending. (Also, on those "what kind of bender would the person/avatar above you be?" threads, EVERYONE says I'd be an Earthbender.)

Waterbending, on the other hand, is very much a soft style, so it would probably be a bit more difficult for someone like me. But really, I feel it has the most potential out of all the four styles, and I really do like it a lot. I mean, you can also make stuff with it (Really. Ask the Northern Water Tribe with their ice city.), heal, bloodbend, get water for survival, bloodbend, and did I mention bloodbending!?
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Any element I'm born with would be great, but water would definitely be my choice.
After water is air, then fire, then earth. Air is cool because it's light and fast. I love the lightning and the flying like Iroh and I think Ozai did it in TLA. Earth seems slow, but even earthbending would be nice to have.
I would definitely be a firebender. Not only am I a bit of a pyro, but the style of martial arts I train in is very similar to firebending.
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ENERGY BENDING. BABY! Or if that's unfair, then I do enjoy Firebending 3nodding
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stare Blood bending or spirit bending
Air Bending since my attacks would almost be unseen, and with finely placed air, cutting someone wouldn't be a problem.
Secondly, I would be Earth Bending, just due to the fact that having a layer of Earth on you at all times would be a decent shield (Basically Gaara's Sand Shield from Naruto).
Blood Bending would be nice, but since you'd need the rare ability to do it anytime, its either a hit or a miss.
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Water. It is the essence of life.
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~ fire and metal or the electric sorta thing ~
I would choose blood bending with metal bending second 3nodding
I would love to be a firbender, create fire from my hands, and feel the heat between the ones i love biggrin
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Air or water, but only if I can heal. I'd love to do the permanent chi blocking, though.
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I'd go for fire, as that element matches my personality more. I think water would be pretty cool, along with ice, and earth has metal bending. Personally, I feel they're all pretty good smile

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