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Water-Bending ninja
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Hmm, I'd be more inclined to pick either Fire or Water.

Fire primarily, because it was my favorite nation of the series. I'd choose water for the sole reason of it's calm, yet aggressive nature.
air an earth would be my favorite
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earth bending because earth benders can develop the metal bending! <3 and water bending comes second because you can develop blood bending!!! dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama
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Earthbending because Metal Bending is awesome heart and I also like the idea to be able to lift heavy objects 3nodding User Image
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I would choose.... either water or air.
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I would choose either fire or water. I can't decide...
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Waterbending! smile or if not, airbending would be fun
Fire bender ALL THE WAY. I love firebending, the culture, the clothing, the history, the everything! I'd definitely be a firebender. biggrin
earth and air
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lighting, so I guess fire bending.
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I would like to be an earth bender or a water bender. But if I had to choose I would be a water bender.
Water but air would be my second choice

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