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I'd choose wind.
Although water is pretty cool too.
Eric Draven Ekibyougami
Eric Draven Ekibyougami
I would definitely be a firebender. Not only am I a bit of a pyro, but the style of martial arts I train in is very similar to firebending.
What style is that?

Tang Soo Do

Okay. Just wondered... What do you see as similar?

I train in Bak Sil Lum/Northern Shaolin, and I don't see it.

A lot of the techniques are very similar if not the same, especially the jump kicks. The movements also seem to be very straightforward and to the point, like Tang Soo Do.

The kicks I can understand, we have a lot in our system. If you ever look up Shaolin #1/Koi Moon you'll find it is full of them. The difference I see is in the hand techniques, as we have a lot of rather "flowery" or complex movements. Don't get me wrong, I don't really care for them, but there are many that make up applications that are different than seen in Tang Soo Do. And if I remember right, Tang Soo Do doesn't use a lot of hammer fist strikes or spear hand strikes. Though, it's likely that our system influenced the Korean style.
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fire bending is awesome but i would want to be a blood bender or a metal bender =3
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obviously id bend earth emotion_c8
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General Butter
obviously id bend earth emotion_c8

TOFF cat_surprised
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I would firebend...
But if I didn't want it to be seen air bending would be good too
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Water bending all the way!! I've loved water all my life, I've always been a swimmer, and I want to be a marine biologist! biggrin So bending my favorite element would be the best thing to EVER happen to me. ^.^
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Apollo aka strawberry
General Butter
obviously id bend earth emotion_c8

TOFF cat_surprised

babe its toph c;
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I'd choose earthbending so that I could make my own castle that looks like Hogwarts... I'd be a nerdy earthbender, but still. ninja
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If presented the option, i'd chose no bending. It's destructive and evil. emotion_donotwant
For me earthbending cause im pretty strong but my friend would choose waterbending

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