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I'm pretty sure he died xD considering Tarlok blew up the ship at the end of the show LOLOLOL

silly people x'D
yep, there are A LOT of them out there. xD
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I took him to my place.

We had coffee.

He started walking home an hour ago... should be back soon if you need to call him or something.

SERIOUS: I didn't like the looks of that explosion, so as much as I liked Amon as both a character and villain for Korra, IIIIIII have my doubts about him being alive. You know, the big kind of doubts. That eat small children.

Maybe he'll make a few background cameos? :<
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he went boom boom and then splash splash scilence
Answer #1: He died.
Answer #2: He didn't

What do you think? :C

He got shocked and probably died with Tarrlok.

Yeah; or he didn't die and got slowly nommed away by the fishies in the water :v

yeah or that
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I think he's dead. If he isn't I'm gonna be pretty upset, because I thought that was the perfect resolution for Amon.
There is no way Amon is dead that would distroy the entire plot of the 1st season and the show would pretty much be over. Unless Hiroshi has some kind of a pull in the next season.
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I Wish He Didn't Die, But I Think He Did..........I Don't Like It When People Die!
he went KA-BOOM!!!!!
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Of course he isn't dead. It's obvious that he'll come back.

^ finally someone agrees omg :v
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He's probably still alive and they'll probably expand more on his sub plot. surprised
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gaia_diamond gaia_diamond gaia_diamond

Blood bended Tarlok at the last second and blew him up instead

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I am really torn.
I wanted him to die.
But not this soon.
So I actually want him to have survived that explosion somehow.
Then since he's so disformed due to the burns he suffered they should have him go to some plastic surgeon and change his physical appearance.

Since he's so intelligent and cunning he could easily once more become the antagonist of season 2. He's an awesome villian.
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Amon better be alive. I put all my hard work into the Equalist movement! gonk

[I'm kind of torn between the two honestly. As much as I want Amon to be alive because he's my favorite character and yada yada, it's kind of hard to see him surviving an explosion that he didn't see coming. Think of it this way; if Tarlok was killed, then most likely Amon was too. They were on the same ship boat.
Dead. :

And based off of the previews for season 2, the new bad guy is gonna be a spirit anyway.

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