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Earth, and by extension, metal.
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Earth Bending.

Because I love Earth bending. I find it very awesome emotion_awesome
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I would bend fire, because I like it somehow
Realistically, I would probably be best suited as a waterbender.

However, I would really, really love to metalbend.

(Although, to be perfectly honest, I would almost prefer Ty Lee's fighting style to anything else.)
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Personality-wise, fire.
BUT I WANT METALBENDING!!! *attempts to burns thread in rage*
Air~ Aang made it seem like the most fun to bend out of all the elements.

Besides, flying~
[******** bending I just wana be able to cross into the spirit realm! >.>

But I suppose if I had to chose an element it would either be fire or air as they can be done anywhere without a medium where as water and earth bending are limited to location or what you carry.
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Fire! twisted

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