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Why only settle for one when you could be the Avatar?! Anyway if i had to pick only one...Fire. Because then i could burn all my textbooks when i got angry with them and i would never need to bother with flint or gas ever again while camping.
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I can see myself as a metal / earth bender, but air and flying sounds tempting
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fire then like when i went camping i'd just make a fire and burn marshmallows and make smores.
Hmm... It has to be between fire and earth.

Buuuuuuut.... I think fire wins this round.
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<. < so water can blood bend
Metal can magneto your behind
Meaning both of those can kill you from the inside and use you as a weapon lovely...
I'm in the wrong thread bc I wouldn't want to bend.
You know what I WANT TO SOKKA BEND D<
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I wish I could bend Air more than anything. I'm a very airy person and love heights. Plus, I hate being underground and Earth is the opposite of Air.
I would bend your mom over my knee. Rofl!
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Romantic Grabber

Fire, yo.

I'm a pyromaniac. No need for matches or lighters anymore. emotion_awesome
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air bending so I can fly~
...and not get stuck in traffic lol

Air. I have fully changed my mind now, from water to air. As an airbender, I could conquer so many of my leftover childhood fears... maybe even tune it to become a badass archer with invisible ******** arrows that pierce the flesh and then dissipate. Or, you know... airbending slice sword. Whatever...
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Because I'd never have to get a glass of water again.
I can just pull it from the air, chill it, and drink it. emotion_awesome

also bloodbending
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Greedy Capitalist


Waterbender. Its the most flexible (water, steam, ice, blood, swamp plants, sweat, and sometimes healing).

But my favorite is Firebending.

This is quite the conundrum emo
I would love to be a waterbender, but personality-wise I'm definitely a firebender (although realistically I'd probably be a non-bender).
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I'd prolly want water, since I wouldn't get embarrassed about fail swimming. Just bend to awesomely jet around the water man. Kickass.

And I wouldn't have to get up to get a drink again <__<
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Hygenic Werewolf

I would so totally bend air. I could push everyone away with just a large breath of air.

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