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I felt like Korra started off as a fusion between Katara and Toph; headstrong, yet compassionate, and I loved that idea. Instead, we wound up with a drama queen who damn near contemplates suicide when she has only THREE of her bending abilities taken away. "Oh, sure, I can still create CYCLONES and FLY, but there's just no point in living anymore!"
I like Korra, but I don't like Korra as much as Aang. I sometimes think that Korra is too caught up in her own problems. For example, when she was scared of fighting Amon I don't think that was the way an Avatar should act. However, I understand why she was scared. The possibility of having your bending taken away would freak the heck out of me, too. Overall, though, I like her quite a bit and I'm very excited for the upcoming season. heart
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She is pretty bad a**
Alucard Aura
I think shes a strong women and i see grateness in her once she gets her head togeather
thats true
koraa like you
i think she fine
look at me noww
I thought she was awesome... in the first five or six episodes. Then she became annoying, dumb, and became a shelfish b***h, then after that became boring. xp
rolleyes korra
rolleyes korra
i started to hate
you know that means im fly to death
she is like katara but like little older
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She's selfish. And fun. And beautiful. :O
I love it but not that much because it is not as long as i wish. l crying

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