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Huh,korra i think cos of my skin@kmiski 30 you aren't saying anything mind you wot are u thinking?
I look like Azula, albeit I don't have her full mouth.
But when I smile, I resemble Ty Lee.
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Asami maybe? Except for the eye color and the fact that I have bangs. smile
Sadly i dont think i look like any Dx
Hmm...maybe one of the healing students in the Northern Water Tribe?
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I'm fairly certain no one in the Avatar universe is a ginger, unfortunately, but I did make a really good Toph for an anime convention I wen to once.
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idk, if you gave suki blue eyes, longer hair, and blunt bangs, she would look like me.

other than that, there isn't a single avatar character that remotely looks like me.
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A cross between Bolin and Tahno xD
Zuko. I'm an Asian dude. Burn! burning_eyes
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I don't look like any of them. );

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