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I look like Mae stare
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If Mai and Azula had a woman love child together, it would be me.

Except with blue eyes.
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Well, I just cut my hair, so I look like Suki I suppose. With my long hair though, I looked more like Ty Lee. :I Plus I act more like her too.
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I look like a mix of Suki and Katara. My skin color is inbetween theirs, but more leaning towards Suki's. I have short hair like Suki, but it's big and curly like when Katara has her hair down, and it's a dark brown. I have blueish-grayish-greenish (but mainly blue) eyes like both Suki and Katara.
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I'm probably closest to Suki in appearance, though my hair is long instead of short at the moment. I've been thinking about getting it cut.
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When I pull my hair back, Saka, from ATLA.

When I let it down... Tahno, from LoK.

well i look kind of like june, minus the black lipstick, and my hair is parted differently. but my bestie looks like a white blonde ty-lee with gray eyes.
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I'm like Korra...including temperament. But I don't have her eyes crying Ah well....
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My hair isn't like them, nor do I wear face paint. But I think I'd fit nicely in here

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Sun Warriors emotion_awesome
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i guess i look a lot like Azula with her hair down
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we both have oriental looks and black hair
the only difference is the eyes
mine are black...
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It is a me
I dunno who I look like in the avatarverse...
I've been told I would make a good Pema.

I dunno what do you guys thing.
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I look like mako, except I have a mole on my left cheek and don't have spiky hair or pointy eyebrows.

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