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...I look like me.

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I guess I would look like Ty-lee only without the brown eyes or fembolin because my eyebrows are considered bushy.
I guess Zuko, because of my black shaggy mop hair and my facial structure is pretty similar. My eyes are blue though.
I don't think I look like anyone there. No one with short brown hair, green/gray eyes, really pale skin... yeah, no one. .w.
I look alot like Korra, actually. If you take away the two beads on her side bangs and make her hair a liiiiiiittle bit lighter, (and make her realistic, not anime) then we'd be twins c:
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There are no characters that look like me. emotion_8c
However, my features are similar to Earth Kingdom peoples'.
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I think a mix between Suki and June.
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If I part my hair to side, I look a bit like Asami. My hair's long and naturally wavy just like her's, but it's not as dark, my hair's a bit more coppery, and my eye's are brown not green. I do want to try and cosplay her sometime though.

Actually, since you posted a picture of her, I look a lot like a younger Hama as well, minus the eyes of course.
I don't look like anyone <3
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I have a friend that looks a lot like Korra, what with her Hawaiian ethnicity. She's definitely got the skin color and hips of Korra. Sadly I don't look like anyone.
[Irl, I look so much like Korra. xD We have about the same hairlength, eyecolor, and haircolor. And also I'm a very muscular girl irl (yeah I'm a girl dun dun dun), and we also have about the same boob size. ;o ... Buut. The only thing REALLY different is the skin color, because I'm nowhere near tan. I'm pale as pale can be.]
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If Suki had glasses, then I'd look exactly like her.
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Katara, I'd love to cosplay as her one day <3

I'd love to see someone cosplay as Jet please! >.<
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My brother told me once that I looked like Katara when she puts her hair down, but it was probably just cause of the big hair. I always thought I kinda looked like Asami, except I have a slightly rounder face LOL whee

I'm short and super white with blonde hair and blue eyes. None of them look like me.

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