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From ATLA or LoK.

I never seen any LoK character that looks similar to me.

the only ATLA character I look like is a younger Hama, if I push my hair out my face. I lack the grey eyes, of course. I hope I dont end up looking like the elderly version of her.. looool ._.

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nope. i am a block head.
monkeyshiz of steel
nope. i am a block head.
Mako? jkjk
monkeyshiz of steel
nope. i am a block head.
Mako? jkjk

lmfao good call XD
maybe mai?
I don't think there's many in the Avatarverse that have straight bangs. My make-up style's more similar to...June, that bounty hunter, tho.
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idk scream
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Korra. Skin tone and ponytail and hair color. I don't have the boobs though. lol
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Well, if I took off my glasses
and took down my hair, probably Katara. Although I lack the hair loopies and blue eyes I match her physical appearance better than Korra.
I might be a bit lighter skin tone though. It depends on if I've tanned recently {or in my case, toasted X3} or not.
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I have really long and thick hair and a similar body type to Katara. However, my skin is a couple shades lighter than hers and I have not blue eyes, but 'gray'. ;-;
I don't look like anybody in Avatar land, I am blond. xp
She's the only character with short red hair.
But my eyes alter between blue, green, and grey, and I'm pretty sure she has blue eyes...
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Hmm... A mix between Asami and June.
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Suki. Although I have much longer hair now.
monkeyshiz of steel
nope. i am a block head.
Mako? jkjk


I'm not sure who I look most like. None of them, really. mrgreen

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