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I'm not sure how many of you may have already thought this but there's actually something that could be done to counter the chi blockers.

1. Earthbending - Remember when Aang fought Combustion Man? He wore rock armor.

2. Metalbending - There's also Toph and her metal bending armor.

3. Airbending - Can't touch a bender if they're moving around a lot or are knocking away anything that could be used to restrain them.

4. Waterbending - Smoke/Steam Screen to evade, water octopus style, or water tentacle arms.

All of those options are viable if a chi blocker has to come in close to make contact and you're wearing protection or have a way to knock someone back without a need for too much movement.

I want to say Firebenders can defend themselves against chi blockers but as we've already seen from 3 different firebenders (Korra, Mako, and Lightning Bolt Zolt), unless the bender thought to use their "breath of fire" (it can save your life -Iroh) when they're restrained, they can't really do much since a lot of firebending moves use wide sweeping motions.
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User ImageIt doesn't seem that a lot of the benders in this time period are really that disciplined in the art of bending. It doesn't seem they know a lot of ways that bending can be applied to martial arts. Perhaps they will learn some of the old ways. I mean, this is a huge city as opposed to the small villages in the middle of nowhere where you can just fight all you want. It seems today if you are caught in a bending fight you are arrested (for destruction of property). I would then assume that most benders only apply their bending to their work: the metalbender police force and the lighteningbender factory workers. It seems only the thugs and special forces who actually fight with it. It doesn't seem that they are even well-trained in all of the forms you could use and the things that can be done with it. Even in the pro-bending tournaments it is not like Earth Rumble was.

My friend and boyfriend suggested that if the benders wear pad armor then the chi-blockers won't have access to the places to block their chi.

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this is protecting from chi blockers instead of countering.

countering is blocking a strike followed by making a strike.

the general problem with chi blockers is that they are very agile and swift. what the main problem with bending is that the moves are big and clunky. kinda like how bolin explained how to throw those disc in episode 2.

to counter them the moves must be shorter and quicker.
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Best way is not to get close lol Attack from the distance! blaugh
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My friend and boyfriend suggested that if the benders wear pad armor then the chi-blockers won't have access to the places to block their chi.

so long as the chi blocker can apply pressure the pads wouldn't work. I suppose if the pads were think enough that would work, but I would think pads might get in the way of there defense. I think the best bet is the earth/metal armor.
I thought about it and I realized that even the style of fighting seems to have evolved as well. The last series focused a lot more on the bending you know? But now it seems to be a lot more close up and hand combat with it and modern style kicks and what not. Personally that's why I think the chi blockers have an upper hand here since it gives them more of a chance to block their chi. I think Korra and the bros should get more in touch with the traditional bending, ya know? As much as I am in love with the whole probending, I still find it a bit more exciting with the battle scenes in the last series since there was a lot more detailed bending style to it. This series is a lot more epic with the close up body movement and basic banding. Does anybody else notice it or is it just me? question
Or just do what Toph did to Tai Lee and Earthbend her hands and feet to the ground.
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Keep in mind a lot of those moves are advanced, and in reference to this thread, the spiritual side of bending has been ignored.

I get the feeling that bending techniques have gone downhill as well. I mean, look at Bolin earthbending, he just throws discs and makes basic walls.

But yeah, I think bending has really declined, and with the lack of spirituality, it won't get better anytime soon.
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1. Break his fingers..And his pressure points of chi direction are ruined..
2. Out handspeed him/her and interupt all thier blows with your own.
3. Blind him with Sand, Area Fog, Flare, or Gale him with debris and attack him in his moment
of vulmnerability.

4...avoid the fight and if they wont stop.. Act like you are hurt and shoot them with a hidden gun
from under your robe.

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