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Toph looks kinda weird, but it's probably just the angle. neutral
I'm surprised she hasn't changed her hairstyle.
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Oh my god, Sokka looks amazing.
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Toph scares me. She looks like somewhat of a man. Hopefully it's just the angle. On the other hand, Sokka grew up! I will have to agree, he does look amazing and that's coming from me.
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Try Bolding ur words! cat_xd EXCITEMENT!
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Man, Sokka looks just as good as I hoped. c:
As for Toph ... I kind of agree with everyone else. She looks ... different ...?

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Just call me Toad
Where'd you find these pictures?

Tumblr.... emotion_awesome Sorry I just can't help laughing how much I'm saying Tumblr these days while I'm still on Tumblr.
My gosh that picture of Toph.......-.- ehh I thought that when she grew up she'd actually be prettier than that.
But Sokka looks good though biggrin

LOL ikr? i think she looks alright. I hope they show a flashback of her in The Legend of Korra in a normal state ._.
bad picture for sure :
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...Toph looks like a man. gonk
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Oh my dear lord, yes.

And I agree with what people are saying about Toph...
The ******** happened to that jawline?
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Sokka looks too much like a man. I can't handle this.

Toph should have stayed short. talk2hand
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Seriously, Lin Bei Fong looks more beautiful than Toph. Toph just looks... ugh.
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Am I the only one who actually likes how Toph looks? lmfao

And Sokka...mmmm. ;3
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She looks like a dude.
She'd make a handsome dude, though.

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o.o . . . Nice

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