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Bolin. ♥
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ATLA: Zuko and Sokka

LOK: Tahno and Korra
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Favorite in ATLA: Jet. DON'T JUDGE ME.
Favorites in LoK: Meelo, Mako, Tenzin, and General Iroh.
From the first series, as much as I love the main characters, Jet just did it for me; I loved his complex character/story.
As for the second series, I really enjoy the silliness/humor provided by certain characters such as Meelo and sometimes Tenzin and others - again complex personality/story which are Mako and some what General Iroh. 3nodding
I am in love with Bolin ; W ;
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AtLA: Iroh because he's witty and always provides great advice.
LoK: Bolin and General Iroh II because I uh.. well, they look so good together emotion_bigheart
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ATLA: Zuko and Iroh
LoK: Amon
TLA: Iroh, Toph and Sokka (& Zuko grew on me towards the end)
LOK: Bolin, Korra and Bumi
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Iroh (senior). Because he's a tea pervert and so am I.
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Lil lily91
So... Who's your favorite from the entire avatar series? (both Ang's and Kora's) Respond to this and you might get a prize!! My fav is Toff, Ang's earthbending teacher. SHES AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!
*Aang *Korra's *Toph *Awesome
Ang, Old one is better
Legend of Korra: Mako, Naga, Pabu
Last Airbender: Aang, Katara, Momo
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My very favorite character from the first series is Zuko, he takes my breath away along with his end of the series sportsmanship and loyalty, and my favorite for the new series is Mako, yes they are both troubled (and hot) firebenders. i can't help it.
out of both series though, Uncle Iroh is my favorite, he shows courage and change, he connects with his peace and spirituality and understands the complexities of all of those around him, especially his nephew and his sister.

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