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LOK: Asami! And Naga! heart
ATLA: Aang, hands down! Also Sokka. :3
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Hilarious Lunatic

I'm my favorite. =D
Zuko all the way. He may be a jerk during most of Aang's story, but he still turns out to be one of the greatest fire benders ever. He is AWESOME!!
ATLA: Toph, Zuko, General Iroh, Cabbage Guy
LOK: Asami, Bolin, Meelo
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Shy Bookworm

A:TLA - General Iroh and Toph

LoK - Bolin and Asami
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Greedy Capitalist

TLA - Zuko / Blue Spirit

LOK - Amon. Not Noatok though. There's a difference.
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ATLA: Toph and Sokka
LOK: Bolin and Asami

They're awesome~ whee
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Avatar The Last Airbender: Toph, Sokka, and Aang
The Legend of Korra: Bolin, and Korra
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I like Azula and Lin the most. Asami's pretty hot too though
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Last Airbender: Toph, Zuko, and.....that's it.
Korra: Mako, Korra, Tenzin, Chief Beifong!!!,
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Zuko and Pabu. :3
Zuko cause he's hot and a badass, and Pabu, because most characters from LoK are underdeveloped. -3-
TLA: Iroh and Sokka
LOK: Amon, Tarrlok and the Lieutenant
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TLA: Toph
LoK: Bolin

It's ironic that both of them are earth benders but their personalities just stood out above the rest IMO. Toph is a brash, blind girl who surprisingly has a soft side. Bolin is hands-down the funniest, but strong character in LoK.

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