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So... Who's your favorite from the entire avatar series? (both Ang's and Kora's) Respond to this and you might get a prize!! My fav is Toff, Ang's earthbending teacher. SHES AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!
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ATLA: Toph and Azula.
LoK: Amon. Obviously.
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Lil lily91

      User Image ღ Zuko, he's hawt. XD
      + Katara <3

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Last airbender- Difficult to say, females it'll be between Ty Lee and Toph. Males Sokka and Jet.
Legend of Korra- Male- Definately Bolin such a wisecrack. Female i'd say Korra. razz
I love Bolin haha
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Legend of Korra: Amon
Last Airbender: Azula and Zuko
Serious how is no one repin for tophs daughter. did you even see the s**t she pulled this season? cool
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I would have to say...

LoK: Amon and Noatak [YES. There is a DIFFERENCE.] ...and Bolin.
A:TLA: Zuko (Awesome personality) and Toph.
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wahmbulance wahmbulance KORRA FOR THE WIN!! wahmbulance wahmbulance
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ATLA: Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Iroh

Korra: Tarrlok, Lin, Bolin, Tenzin
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ATLA: Toph, Iroh, Azula, Zuko.
LOK: Bolin, Tenzin, Lin, Amon.
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Toph for being an amazing earthbender and inventing metalbending despite her blindness.

Lin for carrying her mother's legacy as a bamf.
ATLA: Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Iroh

Korra: Tarrlok, Lin, Bolin, Tenzin

100% agree.
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LAB: Bumi, Iroh, Sokka, Toph
Korra: Lin, Tenzin, and Bumi (the old people made the show for me)

Thus, Korra should have more old people and 200% more Uncle Bumi.
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Last Airbender - Ty Lee, Momo, Zuko

Legend of Korra - Jinora

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