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I'd be EXTREMELY mad if they came out with another Avatar movie and it sucked!! Azula would have nothing on me!

What I don't understand is why directors want to take a perfectly good anime and turn it into a live action movie... 9/10 times they completely butcher it!
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I can see it now:
The Legend of KAR-RA with her friends BALLIN and MAYKO
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I would be Azula to the 3rd power
Azula the Phoenix Queen
I thing I'd be a Chan when he finds out what Azula, Zuko, Tylee, and Mai vandalized his house. Pretty mad.

Chan just wept and wet himself when we did that. twisted
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I can see it now:
The Legend of KAR-RA with her friends BALLIN and MAYKO

BLASPHEMY!!!! scream
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I can see it now:
The Legend of KAR-RA with her friends BALLIN and MAYKO

Not to mention General EAR-O emotion_puke
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Oh my goodness, do not even get me started on how much I disliked that movie. I saw it earlier today just to see if it was as bad as I remembered....it was worse. First of all, the casting was all wrong. I mean I think this picture pretty much sums up the casting fluke. And the acting, oh my goodness the acting. If they tried to pull this same movie acting at a con, they would lose the competition so fast. Secondly, the effects were terrible. For the amount of money they had they should have done something better. Thirdly, it felt like a rushed clip show. -___-. Finally, how do you miss pronounce the MAIN character's name!? WHAT THE HECK!? How did Nick let this pass into the theaters? Was everyone drunk that day?

That being said, I would not mind if they made a Korra movie WITH a different director. I think with the right direction they could make something swell. Although, a part of me fears and cringes at the idea that we will have a repeat of the last movie.

So I guess I would be Zuko mad? Because I am all twisted up inside about this whole ordeal.
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