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M. Night Shyamalan made an Avatar movie based off the Legend of Korra? Aang being not that mad and Azula being really freakin pissed

I really really did not like the Last Airbender movie he made. I felt like it did no justice to the show and i was kinda pissed in the theater. I think if anyone tried to make another movie on Korra, I would lose my s**t xD

How about you guys?

Azula-Ozai pissed! The movie sucked.
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Fire Lord Azula!!!! That Movie Was By Far The Worst Thing Ever. Was A Disgrace To The Show.
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I would probably shoot lightning at M. Night Shyamalan! >3
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Well seeing as he never finished the three remaining books...
I do not think he will even try.

But I'd be Katara level.
1.) Because I wouldn't even watch it.
2.) Wasting money to see the only one he made
made me realize that I can't expect anything good from him.
3.) Too many parts in the movie I disliked.

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I was thinking about this the other day!! If M. Night did anything like that....I would walk to his house...barefooted...my high heel shoes in my hands...and then I would shoe him to death evil

I hope he stays far FAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR away from LoK!! I'm sure he'd be murdered by some LoK lover if he made a movie on it!
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It's really a moot point, if there was any chance they were going to make any more movies out of this franchise they would have finished the Last Airbender trilogy. But the first one kinda bombed so it won't happen. Personally I would be on the Aang end of the scale, but too many fans fell on the Azula end. In fact, I would say they went Phoenix-King-Ozai-burn-down-the-whole-planet-when-Sozin's-Comet-passes mad. Don't worry about it.
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The first movie was just an overview of the first season of the show. My sister liked the movie, but she's not into animation. So, she missed out on the true storyline.

I honestly feel that it's not something that should not be attempted, in the sense of live-action. Small, movie specials, like the ones we encountered in the first series, would be ideal.

And when more characters emmerge and become more involved through the new series, i believe they should make some cartoon shorts. I loved those from the first series! emotion_kirakira
♠ Aang

honestly, idgaf
don't be such drama llamas
srsly guys, just don't. watch. it.
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Oh. My. God.

*breathes fire and shoots a lightning bolt out her arse*
Azula on cactus juice is how mad i'd be.
I'd go crazy like Azula did when she had to fight Zuko in the last season. X[
I would lol. Like i did with the first movie. I hope he makes more, I wanna see his interpretation of Toph, so bad.
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Fire breathing (Sugar Queen) Katara pissed. Close to Azula but not quite.
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My reaction if they ever announced one.

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