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Alie Valens
I'd go Fire Lord Azula bat-s**t crazy
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beyond Azula.
he ******** up the first one.
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I would be teenage angst Zuko angry.
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XD i clicked most because of the hilarious thread title...
that depends, is aang in his avatar state? XD I'd probably be about as mad as cabbage-cart man, but id still go watch it to see how bad it was...
Imagine Aang's face when he was facing Koh.
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They didn't even get Katara's hair-loopies right in the last movie.
I'd be in the middle though, I just wouldn't watch it and know it'd fail.
The only thing that I liked about the Last Airbender movie was the CGI effect

I'll give it that. But that is the only thing I will give it emotion_donotwant

I liked that fire benders had to use actual fire to bend just like water benders and the cgi effects were nice.
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The only thing that I liked about the Last Airbender movie was the CGI effect

And even the CGI effects were lame.

Also, if it happens, then expect Korra to be white and Mako to become Indian.
He won't really the plan was a quick trillogy with the three Last Airbender movies being made simultaneously and released say a year or so a part. But the first movie was such a complete flop it looks like the second is not being made.

But your question is a what if. Honestly it won't bother me at all. Yes the movie will suck but that won't change how great the show is.
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I suffered through 15 minutes of the live action Avatar, before slowly shutting my computer and taking a jog outside.

It was that bad.
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id be a combo of crazy.
azula and ozai combine = epic rage face cat_stressed cat_scream
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Azula after Zuko/Azula Agni Kai pissed then slowly morph into Aang laughing. :V
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Azula ragequit use lightning to fry computer bad!!!
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I'd be somewhere in between Azula and Fire Lord Ozai

Worst.... movie.... EVER
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Alie Valens
I'd go Fire Lord Azula bat-s**t crazy

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