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The strength of dem writers! now that's how you spin a story! You make it so each part feels fulfilling, satisfying, and rewarding. And when they decide to do something they don't half arse it!
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Nick IS getting kinda desperate.. the writers need to dig a bit deeper.
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I have to agree. Nick obviously didn't think it through when they decided to order more episodes pretty much at the end of the first season. Not only does it make it difficult on the writers, but it's going to kinda sorta make the first season look back compared to the rest of them, depending on how well they write seasons 2-4.

Plus, all I ever see on Nick is some silly show like iCarly, Victorious, and constant reruns of Spongebob (Although who could get tired of that?) and Fairly OddParents. There are more but I'm not going to take the time to list them all. Viewers are bound to get tired of watching the same thing over and over, so why not order more of a show that is like a sister-show to one of the most popular shows on Nick -- ATLA?

All the newer episodes of Spongebob are so stupid. They can't compare at all to the older episodes. Nick is SO desperate. -_-
Bryke has said they have ideas for more stories. So if they're willing to do it, and the fans want it, than they'll keep ordering it.
I don't mind they milk it, as long as the creators still want to do it! They say they have the ideas, so I trust them.
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Who cares. More Korra is always good.
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Nickelodeon was stupid for not ordering extra episodes BEFORE the team finished writing, drawing and animated the first season.
Now the writers are forced to invent new ideas, when the had a very good one going, but was cut short due to so little amount of episodes.
This season may be good or it my fail, but I'll watch anyway.
I'm too big a fan to not watch.
I'm sure the writers and creators have ideas for lots of stories in their world. Generally a creator of a show and the writers have lots of ideas they believe they might not be able to make. They are not going to let a story being cancelled or believing they are only getting twelve episodes stop them from the creative process.

I think of Gargoyles, whose creator Greg Weisman to this day 18 years after the show first aired is still coming up with ideas for his universe, still developing the world and characters even if these future stories never see the light of day.

Also you will often hear about ideas for a show if it continued a plot or added characters that would have been adapted. For example if Spectacular Spider-man continued Scorpias would have shown up as would have Hob Goblin. Or the 2002 version of He-man continued Skellator would have taken over Eternia for half a season, Hordak would have been released and She Ra was going to appear.

Many cases of a show losing quality over their long life is due to a change in the writers and animators as the show keeps going. The creators and better writers move on to different shows leaving the new episodes in inferior hands. That's what happened with Spongebob, Dexter's Lab, The Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy to name a few.

Really there is nothing to fear about more Avatar as long as the creators and writers have more ideas for their show and universe and as long as the show is never handed down to less talented people.
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Like The Legend of Korra: Korra Nation on Facebook to quell your doubts about season two. That is all.
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Well Bryke said they wanted a tighter storyline than ATLA
ATLA having 20 chapters each book
And LOK having 12-14 chapters each

And I do agree with everyone else here. Nick was kind of demanding AND definitely desperate, ordering 26 more episodes.

Nick has shows like Fanboy and Chum Chum, Penguins of Madagascar and etc. which are really POINTLESS. I did thought that Spongebob was kind of meaningless as well, but I wouldn't know why someone one would get tired of that show. The old episodes of Spongebob were some much better (like the Campfire episode w/ the Campfire Song Song) than the newer ones.

And Nick hasn't shown LOK yet in my country and are showing ATLA all over again with Avatar Extras.
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I agree, but its not only Nick its other stations their ideas are getting stupider and stupider. Then the good shows get the boot because kids like the stupid shows they put out. on cartoon network they have so called Almost naked animals and its completely stupid. Now its true that TV will rot your brain.

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