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No, it's something you learn.

Why isn't everyone a bender?

Idk, why isn't everyone a physicist?

When it comes down to it's got random chance, being born in the right area with good parents to train you up and your interests.

It takes a while to be good- who knows why some are better than others.

They just are, it's like saying "why is there a hurricane, is it becuase God hates us?"- the answer is a mixture of random chance and just a certain level of likelihood, who really knows?

We can explain why hurricanes happen, sometimes even predict them.

But knowing for sure is just impossible.

Sokka viewed it as magic, which limited his ability to gain the ability like Kattarra.

Had he been open minded when he was a kid he could have developed the skill- now that he's older and is 10-15 years behind already he just is now even more furthered to focus his skills on other things.

Maybe Sokka saw fishing and hunting and being a warrior with weapons as more practical- with all the water benders gone he had no real view of the potential of it.

It was only when he got older that he really realized how good the bending was, it wasn't just Katarra doing little pretty magic that she spent so long to learn, it was useful in combat and things.
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I'm thinking that there is a mix a nature and nurture elements going on with the bending. Maybe some families have a genetic mix that hightens the probability of it occuring.

I see it as being like with intelligence or a talent with music. Some families have a strong occurance of intelligence or particular talent, but sometimes a genius (or idiot) will appear out of the blue with no family precedence.

Also, the genetic component may involve multiple genes and not just one. You may need certain mixes in multiple parts of dna to attain the bending ability.
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Then does anyone know how Mako and Bolin ended up with different elements?

My guess would be that Mako and Bolin's parents are an earthbender and a firebender (as in maybe their mom's a firebender while the father is an earthbender or vise versa). That could be the only real explanation.

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