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I wouldn't have killed off Amon and Tarrlok....
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I would have have her not confessed to Mako early and not kissed him.
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cut out the love triangle (quadrangle? idk) and replace it with korrasami bc i think they make the best couple even though it's way too early for lgbt romances to happen in children's shows. just personality wise i think they make the best fit.

but without the whole bullshit they would have more time to develop characters and not cram everything into the last five minutes of the last episode.

more development for bolin and more bonding between him and mako and korra bc they're all supposed to be like best friends yet we don't see that happening enough.

trim down the pro-bending stuff bc it was cool but it wasn't that interesting and it felt below the avatar. i'm not saying it should have been cut out completely or that bc korra is the avatar she can't play in pro-bending, but rather that it's really stupid that a sports game was the main focus of so many episodes.

give iroh a different va or at least deepen it for ******** sake he's like almost thirty but he sounds sixteen. i love dante basco but holy s**t he sounds so young.
i mean listen to this clip that was deepened using audio software. it doesn't sound perfect but professionals could do this easily. http://soundcloud.com/matt0753/iroh-ii-deep-voice/s-UpqTm

also i would cut out the incorrect usage of "electrocute". that s**t got on my nerves hardcore.
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I dont know what, but something about korra makes her very unattractive..


korra is hands down the most attractive female character in any media i've seen. she's so full of passion and life and strong as ********. she's a total bamf and attractive in a way outside of her physical appearance. that said her character design is also awesome. it's so utilitarian yet flashy at the same time. i think character design is one of the most a+ things about lok. the character designs in lok are so much better than those in tla.

then again i love powerful female characters so maybe it's just me.
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I dont know what, but something about korra makes her very unattractive..

Maybe it's her hotheadedness, attitude, and the way she forces her way through everything. Or is it something more physical and less personality? User Image
Its probably just her tomboyish manner. It puts me off =/
I didn't like the romance either, however, as the series was planned as a one time, self-contained story I'll forgive it.
I loved how they killed off Amon and Tarlock, they were developed as much as they could, and they were amazing.

My real issue was Korra being able to blow Amon away on her very first air bend. Instead I would have had her be able to blow a little wiff of air an episode or two earlier. It just seemed too deus ex machine to be able to do it so well out of nowhere.
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If I could change one thing about LoK, it would be how rushed the finale felt. Cut the rushed romance and extend it, develop more back story, develop more on the characters and let the finale slowly roll in. I know they could only have so many episodes for season one but it would of been nice to see everything take its time. I loved the ending when most of the people I know had mixed feelings and/or didn't like the ending; I personally loved it but it felt well, rushed. There was so much they could have done, they have excellent complex characters; again, it just sucks about their time constraint.
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What would you change about the legend of Korra? biggrin

Me personally I would cut out all the romance mainly because it was unimportant to the plot and it was a big waste of time.

If they limited the romance in the series they would have more room to put in some much needed character development and the plot might not have been so rushed.

What do you all think

You're right. I personally don't care about that romance crap...
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I would've had Amon kill off Korra and Mako.
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Reduce the romance.
More screen time for Bolin, Meelo, Pabu, Tahno, Bumi and General Iroh xD
More side quests.

Lol I'd just settle uncle bumi, five second screen time and he's the coolest character on the show. mrgreen

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I want the gang to find another airbender frozen in ice or something.
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I personally wouldn't cut the romance but make it so Bolin would end up with Korra.
hehe whee whee whee
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I heart heart the Doctor
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SORRY i pressed submit not preview... anyway I would have more aang flashbacks heart

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