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Would cut out Mako completely. Never liked him to begin with.
Would make it where Korra didn't get her bending back so easily.
More Lin Beifong.
Make Lin Beifong the main character.
Have a full season so that Lin Beifong can show off her greatness even more.
Everything Lin Beifong.
I dont know what, but something about korra makes her very unattractive..
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I dont know what, but something about korra makes her very unattractive..

Maybe it's her hotheadedness, attitude, and the way she forces her way through everything. Or is it something more physical and less personality? User Image
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Pretty much everything after we learn that Katara can't bring back Korra's bending. scream The most painful season finale I've ever seen. cry

Mako confessing his love to Korra was too rushed and out of character. They're also just pushing Asami to the side like she's a character from one of those soap operas when the love interest is dating someone just to create tension but they don't matter at all in the end. We don't even see Asami after Mako talks to Korra! We don't even know if he broke up with her or is two timing! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO ASAMI!!! If she does betray team Avatar, this is the reason; Mako is kind of a jerk.

I also felt the deus ex machina of Korra getting her bending back was really not needed. I don't hate happy endings, but the series was already going for a darker and more mature tone with a giant terrorist war that just happened where thousands of people's lives were devastated. These were some great scars of war to heal from, a disabled Avatar was a great premise for the rest of the series, this was a great opportunity to teach kids that things don't always turn out OK and that you need to move on with life. It was an awesomely dark ending biggrin ...and then Aang showed up. stressed If he showed up to encourage her that her job now as the Avatar, disabled or not, is to go back to Republic City and help everyone start to recover instead of giving her bending back, I wouldn't have minded so much. Because Aang gave Korra her bending back and the ability to give others their bending back, then there isn't a huge scar from war to heal from, then all of the tension and build-up from the rest of the series was completely pointless!

Also, isn't there another season coming out someday? If they had the relationship and/or the ex machina spread out to happen sometime in season two, then they wouldn't have felt as rushed or like a cop-out. It would have felt more natural. Also, since the romance, the war, the recovery, and pretty much everything is "solved" by the end of this season, what do we have to look forward to for the next season?
I just wish Nickelodeon would've givin it more time, I hate how rushed it was.
i love bolin so id like more screen time for him. less romance. a little is fine and dandy but who really cares for it. i do like tenzin. he is funny nothing really needs to be changed about him. and korra, she has my personality, and its funny cuz i cant stand her. id make her wear a baggier shirt or make her booz-ams smaller... they are distracting even to me, and im straight. AND MORE BUMI!!!!!!!!!!!
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More Tahno, because he was amazing.

More Lin, because she was the best character of the entire series.

No romance, at all, between anyone.

New voice actor for Iroh. I love Dante Bosco, but I'm sorry, his voice just does not fit that character.

New ******** ending. The finale was terrible.
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Make the show one goddamn hour long instead of just 30 minutes.
The show was originally supposed to have one season anyway, so why not give it a longer airtime to develop the plot better?
Kill the love triangle.
Give Bolin more screen time
Make Mako less indecisive.
Fix Toph's god awful chin.
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Make Korra not like Mako; ok she doesn't like Bolin, but why Mako? He's not hawt without fashion.
Also, they shouldn't have portrayed the equalists that badly... I think they should have made a grey-grey morality more.
That being said, Amon should'n't have been a blood bender... some kind of psycho prophet?

I wish they made the equalist a "grey area organization" what there doing is really for the greater good but the way there doing it makes them look like evil terrorist. The fact that there looking for equlity is awesome but attacking innocent people aint cool
(amon + blood bender= gay in my oppinion)
Korra's personality.

JK, but I do not like her personality. emotion_donotwant

Cut the romance crap
More episodes (the show felt rushed since they only had twelve episodes for season one; and I get to see more Avatar)
Asami should fucking beat up Mako for being the biggest asshole ever
More Bolin (he should also develop as a character)
more flashbacks (I love/miss Team Avatar <3)
New voice actor for General Iroh II (as much as I loved Zuko's voice, it does not match him)
I would give Bolin more screen time, Give Asami a better life, and make Mako not so stupid.
I would change Korra getting everything so easily and the romance.
I would probably take out the romance, there will be time for that in season 2 :p
she may not seem like it sometimes, but in my opinion she's WAY too uptight and afraid of everything.

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