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Aang would win because he hasn't lost all bending but air. Korra doesnt have the strength to beat aang either. Aang would own korra no doubt about it.
I agree u are talking sense
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Aang would win because while Korra is all about brute force and ambitiousness, Aang is more agile and nimble. He can dodge Korra's attacks like a true Airbender, and eventually defeat her as Korra can lose her temper easily.

See "Aang vs Zhao"
Aang. He could bend each element on a master level at 12 compared to her. Even if we're talking about the first 11 episodes of ATLA, the avatar state would pwn her a** any day.
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Korra could be a great fighter, but until she learned to move more nimbly, with not just force, then Aang. Cause, y'know, he mastered everything, whereas Korra still has a lot to learn. Course if she was as skilled as Aang, than Korra. Definitely Korra. heart
While Korra is a powerful bender to say the least, I think Aang would win. My reason for saying so? Korra doesn't have much self control. She is quick to attack and often does so without thinking things through. She is a very offensive bender who doesn't seem to focus very much on defense.

Aang, as stated by King Bumi is a master of avoiding and evading. Aang only fights directly when he has too and I believe that his defensive, evasive tactics would triumph over Korra's all out offense. Aang is shown to be able to keep a cool head under pressure where Korra doesn't seem to have that ability. So in a prolonged battle, Aang would have the advantage.

In my opinion, Korra is a fantastic bender, but I don't think she could win against Aang. That's just my opinion.
Aang is more powerful, but he would hold back. Remember... he's an Airbender, he fights more to protect himself, than to hurt somebody else.

Idk about Korra..
I can tell you that it would be an awesome battle...but aang would win :l
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          Neither. They are the same person.

Korra treats every element the same. She's too headstrong and doesn't think enough about what she's doing, only that she's doing it.
I think Aang...
Because even though he started off the same as Korra he still knew how to control himself a lot better. And self control is HUGE when fighting.
He knew his fears, weaknesses, and strengths.
Where as Korra hides her feelings and acts tough when she should let go....she's lost within herself.
She seems confused with everything about being the Avatar.
And unlike Korra, Aang learned what being the Avatar REALLY is about with years of experience.
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Korra; she's an initial waterbender; so she would be able to bloodbend right?Not to send-off people or spoil it for Season 2.

But it could also be a stalemate.
I like Aang's character better but I think Korra would win in a fight. She's more aggressive and focused on fighting.
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Aang. Only because he has an easier time going into Avatar State. Korra uses a lot of fire and water bending when she fights but Aang is a natural with air bending and that would give him another advantage with his speed.

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