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What type of bending would you most like to have?

Earth Sonar 0.13207547169811 13.2% [ 21 ]
Combustion Beam 0.094339622641509 9.4% [ 15 ]
Water Healing 0.28301886792453 28.3% [ 45 ]
Air Bender Enhanced Agility 0.13836477987421 13.8% [ 22 ]
Energy Bending 0.081761006289308 8.2% [ 13 ]
I want the ability to Chi Block! 0.10062893081761 10.1% [ 16 ]
Just give me the gold. 0.16981132075472 17.0% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 159 ]
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It'd be super sweet if they did that, but there's a lot of items already that are surprisingly close. There's a light blue glowing eye thing, several elemental items, and several clothing items that are REALLY close. Check out 'Waterbender Korra,' 'Lin Beifong Metalbender,' 'Avatar Aang Nomad of Air,' 'Dichromatic Maverick,' 'Meelo the Airbender' and 'General Iroh the 2nd.' They've done pretty well with what gaia has already. There's plenty more out there who are fabulous, I just can't think of them right now.

There's a pretty good Bolin out there too.

Strong Bolin.
And, best of all-
BOLIN in the Deep.
HAH. Pun.
The second one has Pabu. o:

I was thinking Alleyboy Bolin - but they're pretty awesome too.
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I'd totally love airbender tattoos!
Airbending tattoos or Amon's mask would be A.W.E.S.O.M.E!
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the pets aka appa and weapons would be awesome~
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Hm... some hair would be nice...
and some small tokens that we all would recognize as from avatar.
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Animated Airbending tattoo's (and eyes) that would glow,
Amon Mask,
Appa, Momo, Naga, and Pabu plushies,
All four nations clothing,
Aang's fire nation headband that doubles as a belt.
Animated water, fire, earth, and airbending.
Aangs staff,
A Blue Spirit mask,
Sokka's boomerang.
Katara's hair,
Combustion Man's third eye
Fire nation royalty hair piece
and a Zuko face scar
Pretty pretty please gaia?
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I'm down for some animated Bending Items. I'd drop money on those in a heartbeat.

Or just static items would be fine too, something like the gogh reed has, just more? I dunno.
I find it difficult to make a decent air bending avatar, which I'd like to do.

Got fire bending and water bending down though. Lol.
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Just give me the gold.
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That would be great!
As a hardcore ATLA and LoK fan, I'd love some items based on the two series. smile
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All I want is Katara's hair loopies. emotion_dowant
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Any type of cloths from the fire nation/water tribe/earth kingdom/air nomads.
I'd take anything.
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Like others have said, I'd be happy with any type of Avatar items.
If there was only one item, I think I'd want it to have at least one pose for each element.

I can see this possibly happening in a future RIG. Here's hoping for multiple items!

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