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What type of bending would you most like to have?

Earth Sonar 0.13207547169811 13.2% [ 21 ]
Combustion Beam 0.094339622641509 9.4% [ 15 ]
Water Healing 0.28301886792453 28.3% [ 45 ]
Air Bender Enhanced Agility 0.13836477987421 13.8% [ 22 ]
Energy Bending 0.081761006289308 8.2% [ 13 ]
I want the ability to Chi Block! 0.10062893081761 10.1% [ 16 ]
Just give me the gold. 0.16981132075472 17.0% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 159 ]
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Strike fear with Amon's Mask?
Show your inner strength with glowing avatar-state eyes?
or something different all together?
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Devoted Explorer

It'd be nice to have an item dedicated to the avatar state

or the airbending tatoos
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Aang tattoos

Momo, Pabu plushies

BACKGROUNDS, jesus christ, take my money. I'd love to have Avatar bgs

an option to have a towering Appa or Naga

Katara's hair thingies biggrin

aaaaaand a Zuko face scar.
Elf_Lady2334's avatar

Gracious Raider

That would be totally awesome biggrin
Even to have like bending related items would be sweet....ooooo what if they made animated bending items I would totally spend the money to get those
Il Rin Il's avatar

Destructive Powerhouse

That would be awesome..


The Lieutenant needs to stay by my side.

...there is no relationship.
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Devoted Explorer

Comedian Amon

...there is no relationship.

User Image
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Aang's tattoos are a MUST.

Definately a Momo (a real lemur, not the brown monkey) and an Appa.

Actually, I think what I'd really like to see are some more air-related items. All Gaia has related to air(bending) are the frontier sky medal, elemental wings, and that grey tornado (Dander is the item name?). But there's a gajillion water, fire, even earth items we can use.
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Strike fear with Amon's Mask?
Show your inner strength with glowing avatar-state eyes?
or something different all together?

I'm striking fear already. <3
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It'd be super sweet if they did that, but there's a lot of items already that are surprisingly close. There's a light blue glowing eye thing, several elemental items, and several clothing items that are REALLY close. Check out 'Waterbender Korra,' 'Lin Beifong Metalbender,' 'Avatar Aang Nomad of Air,' 'Dichromatic Maverick,' 'Meelo the Airbender' and 'General Iroh the 2nd.' They've done pretty well with what gaia has already. There's plenty more out there who are fabulous, I just can't think of them right now.

There's a pretty good Bolin out there too.
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Hygienic Genius

We need weapons! The airbender staff, probending arena and accessories, metalbending police uniforms!
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Dapper Capitalist

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Greedy Capitalist

I'd love Amon's mask. . .
xXAzarielXx's avatar

Blessed Wolf

OMG! YES!! i really like the water tribes clothes >.>
They would have to get permission from the creator's before they do so but it could be cool to get something for every nation.

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