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The Satos represent non-bending prosperity, which according to the Equalists doesn't exist since all of the non-benders are being oppressed. They partly disprove the Equalists' point. And the fact that she loves pro-bending.
Shippers gonna ship. Haters gonna hate.


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Did I say that I was suspicious of her because of a threat to a pairing? No. Don't jump to conclusions, hun.

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I want to become a level 10
more than anything...

To be honest, I thought the same thing the day I saw the episode. But I thought the reason why she is dating him is the sake that he is close to Korra being apart of the team so it would be a way for them to "watch" her persay. But idk, at this point this show has been rather on the unpredictable side. At least a lot more unpredictable than a lot of other shows I watch xd I kinda go with the flow with these creators and let them hit me with all they got on this show xd
I am also suspicious of Asami, but I'm not fully committed to the idea of her being a bad guy
for one thing, she's voiced by the same actress that did Princess Yue, and we all know how SHE turned out
while that's not really evidence of anything, it could be a hint that Asami will turn into a tragic love interest
And while I do like the idea of Korra and Mako together, I kinda also want the show creaters to throw us a curve ball in some way plotwise
Actually, I kind of want Asami and Korra to become friends
partly becuase I don't want the rival situation to bring out the worst in Korra, (as romantic rivals tend to do)
I think it would be a lot more interesting, and a lot more character building, for Korra to try and get past her jealousy and make friends with Asami

Agreed. I want Korra and Asami to become best friends actually. Its hard to watch when the characters I like get all jealous because I know one is going to be all mean and embarrass themselves. Sadly, Korra is indeed the type to do that. Maybe Asami will show Korra not to be so...jelly.
Oh, for goodness sake.
People like you are starting to piss me off.
Why is it that just because Asami like Mako, and likes to treat people because she has an extra bit of cash lying around, does it makes her evil, or a chick with an agenda??
The next thing you're going to tell me is that Tenzin's kids are secretly plotting the demise of Republic City.
Leave her alone.
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I believe there is something more to Asami but I do not believe she is an Anti Bender Revolutionary. I think she does have a hidden motive but not a bad one.
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When I see the name Asami all I can think of is the movie "Audition". xD

"Kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri!"
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I do have suspicions she is sympathetic to the anti-bending cause. 6_6
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I actually feel suspicious of her, also. Not 'cause of her being with Mako, though. More of the way that she's animated. It's her expression, the way that she phrases her words and goes about doing things. She seems fairly honest and sweet, aside from that, if a bit sheltered in regards to some social norms. To be expected, from a rich family. Considering her father, and the social instability around the city, I don't think she'd be hanging out with a lot of poor families to understand how they go about things.
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When a girl on a bike who was up to no good
Started makin' trouble in mah neighborhood!

First thing I thought of when I read the topic. But yeah, too many convenient coincidences surrounding Asami to not think she's got an agenda.
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Snow Black Lotus

And yet you clearly ignored where I said that she may be helping the team because she has extra money lying around.
So every rich person who helps a poor schmuck is doing it because they need drones.
Maybe you should stop jumping to conclusions and wait and see what happens in the show.
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Maybe shes planning on having Mako's babies and forcing him to stick around.

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