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Which of the is your opinion of the funniest moment in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra?

"Gall me GranGran" moment 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
King Bumi: "Lettuce Leaf?" moment 0.058139534883721 5.8% [ 5 ]
The Singing Nomads: Secret Tunnel Song moment(s) 0.081395348837209 8.1% [ 7 ]
Chin Town Prisoners:"Dont be afraid to tell her how you feel" moment 0.046511627906977 4.7% [ 4 ]
The Chase: When Aang ran into the building with no floor, then Azula did but she managed to stable herself and the Zuko came in and fell 0.11627906976744 11.6% [ 10 ]
Sokka's Cactus Juice moment 0.33720930232558 33.7% [ 29 ]
Appa and Momo talking and fighting moment 0.12790697674419 12.8% [ 11 ]
Aang and Zuko meeting the Firebending Masters (dragons) moment 0.023255813953488 2.3% [ 2 ]
Tenzin losing his cool at the Arena moment 0.1046511627907 10.5% [ 9 ]
Korra figuring out that Tenzin is a heartbreaker moment 0.1046511627907 10.5% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 86 ]
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Sokka's Cactus Juice Moment is 1st with a whooping 25 votes.
Appa's and Momo Talking and Fighting Moment is 2nd with a not so close score of 10 votes.
Korra Figuring Tenzin is a heartbreaker is 3rd with 9 votes.
Tenzin at the Arena and The Chase:... ties for 4th with 8 votes each.
King Bumi:"Lettuce Leaf" and Actor Toph's Scream are 6th with 4 votes a piece.
The Singing Nomads is 8th with 3 votes.
Chin Town Prisoners, Firebending Masters and Sokka:"Appa Ate Momo!" placed 9th with 2 votes each.
Tenzin's Baird, Fire Nation's Airship Crew, Toph Pretending to Spot the Library, My Cabbages Guy and Foaming Mouth Guy all placed 12th with 1 vote.
Gran Gran comes last with no vote.

pirate Funny Moments of Avatar pirate

Keep on voting!

Season 2 Of Korra is just next year!
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i also want to give a hand to toph
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The funniest moment for me was when sokka and zuko were in the balloon going to the prison and Sokka was all like:
"My girlfriend turned into the moon"
Zuko: "That's rough buddy"

I guess its kinda supposed to be a little serious moment(or at least a neutral one) but I laugh so hard every time rofl
omg bumi and his lettuce leaf...damn i cracked up at that emotion_facepalm

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