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Only characters on Avatar: The Last Airbender not Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Mine is Toph, she is super cool, she invented metal bending, how cool is that??? blaugh
My fave avatar character is katara because she is such a great water bender and water has always been my element. mrgreen
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One of the best "villains" in a cartoon. Ever.
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Combustion Man.
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And Amon. But not Noatak. There's a difference.
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Probably Azula. :3
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i really like sakora!
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I liked toph a lot. then sokka got really funny. then haru came back with a mustache. then aang got hair........ then zuko finally got to where hes supose to be. so...i think zuko wins.
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I'm a Zuko fangirl all the way. As for Korra... Amon. Amon is flipping hot. <3
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^ This guy will forever be my favorite. Always.

I also have a soft spot for this man:
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It's between Katara, Jet, and Aang.
And yes, for some reason, I liked Jet.
Yue was good, too. I was so sad when she became the moon spirit. sad
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Toph. She was an awesome character who showed a ton of development.
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Definitely Toph. For too many reasons to count.
Cabbage man hands down no competition xp
Definitely Zuko. He's so... tough, yet vulnerable. And he had such a dynamic character, and his character development throughout the series was just phenomenal. Kudos to the writers for that. But not only those things; Dante Basco, the voice of Zuko, totally helped me understand and get into that character as well, which plays a big part in a character, though most people don't think it.

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