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Binary Pornography

Very well put!
The styles are, interesting to watch i guess,
but it just miss seeing the old moves / stances.

Like when Zuko and Azula have their agni kai (will take you to youtube video), it just doesn't seem like that
sort of firebending would exist in this series. And i adored it so much in the first.

& yes, it looks so much less powerful.
Toph's earth-bending style; I miss it soo much!

i want to see more of that kind of bending.

oId coffee

              thank you!
              but i do agree; the old styles were a lot better.
              there's still a chance korra might utilise those
              in a 'proper' fight though, since she's been
              instructed in the old forms by old masters.
              admittedly, she's just dojo-trained and hadn't
              actually seen combat before the show though.

              zuka/azula showdown was epic. i'm pretty sure
              mako'd be toast if he ever went up against zuko.
              god forbid he ever went up against azula. that'd
              be completely terrible. curb-stomped like whoa.
              although, they did fight during the comet, so i
              guess their moves did get a srs boost during the
              fight, but they're fighitng knowing that the other will
              kill them if they don't fight properly, either accidentally
              or on purpose.

              see, toph is exactly what i was talking about: she
              hardly moves. she dodges and uses her feet to
              bend sometimes, but that's it. she's very much a
              tank; she's got power but she's not very mobile.
              in probending, that's no good but in an actual fight,
              it works. hopefully as the characters mature, we'll
              see more of these styles.
yes, I agree too, most of the bending arts went kinda soft, like earth and fire, there's no tumbling or acrobatics or something any more, and no continuous stream of attacks its like short. Old style is better than the new ones.
Binary Pornography

Yes, he would be dead if he faced her.
And i guess you are right, it isn't really correct of me to compare tophs fighting
with the probending arena. Also, the rules incline that a waterbending duration must not
exceed 1 second, so the benders cannot have a continuous stream of water.

Yes, i can see how they would have had to adapt, even how epic toph is
i don't think that her style would blend smoothly with the rules of PB.

Hopefully when they are not in the arena we will see more oh katara's style.
I guess we will just have to wait and see.

yes, I agree too, most of the bending arts went kinda soft, like earth and fire, there's no tumbling or acrobatics or something any more, and no continuous stream of attacks its like short. Old style is better than the new ones.

Well we haven't really seen any bending outside of the arena.
And the rules prevent some of the bending styles we were used to in the old series.

Like waterbending has to be a quick in PB, it says in the rules that it can not take longer
then 1 second to launch your attack. So that explains why we are not seeing waves
or things closer to katara's style.

But i also see the lake of acrobatics, although the styles are a form of martial arts, like the first series, it just seems a little toned down.
Again, we haven't really seen any bending outside of pro bending, so i guess we will have to wait and hope that we can see more of the things that lack in PB.

I loved the old styles of bending, but I also like watching the new.

Anyways, to me, it looks like they are boxing during pro-bending matches.


Now that I think about it, wasn't boxing big in the era that they are portraying?
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[ I don't really like the modern bending styles, classic is the way to go, but then again it has its down sides. ]
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Yeah, it's kind of been established that new forms of bending have been developed. It's most noticeable in pro-bending, where everything is faster and smoother, since it has to be. It's also worth noting that the characters are in city limits where they can't just break out in bending battles, if they did, the police would come by and break things up. I think it's interesting, really, to see how the bending arts have evolved and what caused them to turn out that way.
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As the times changed, so did their style of bending. The Pro Bending Arenas represent a more modern style (I believe Tenzin said this), while Tenzin was an advocate for having Korra learn traditional air-bending, she obviously learned better in the arena, with the more modern style.
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I don't really like the new beding styles. In LOK bending is used for practical stuff like working in the eletricity plants, when in the original bending electricity was a special technique that only 5 people knew. I'm kinda glad that Katara (or at least right now int he show) hasn't told anybody about blood bending. In the original bending was more artistic and special, I think that all this new stuff is cool and all, but people have lost their roots
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I understand why it's changed and I appreciate that they did it to reflect the changed environment and times, but the old styles were more fun to watch. The new ones are repetitive and lack the sense of power and personality that the old styles had.
I love the design of the city and how it is based somewhere in the 1920's. The music is awesome, and as for the bending well it looks the same style to me. neutral I didn't really notice the changes in bending style except that they do it for sports. What I like that they have metal benders in the show, but it only for the police to use

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