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Do you like Avatar the Last Airbender or Legend of Korra better

Avatar the Last Airbender 0.45535714285714 45.5% [ 51 ]
Legend of Korra 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 16 ]
I Can't Decide. Both. 0.40178571428571 40.2% [ 45 ]
Total Votes:[ 112 ]
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Dedicated Genius

Quite honestly, I don't know if I would like to watch the legend of Korra because I loved the Last Airbender so much. So, guys, what is your opinion on Legend of Korra. And please be honest.
Give it some time, it might grow on you as the series moves along. (:
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"Take my hand, and fall with me to a new world far beneath the sea."

Shaii Wolfe:

It's a really good series.
I miss the old characters, but I've gotten attached to the new ones.

"Forget about time, your thoughts and your sins. They will fall away as we start to swim."
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I've tried to get into it, but, it never really stuck...all of my friends really like it.

raven robbin
Give it some time, it might grow on you as the series moves along. (:
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if you wanna get into the series, completely change your outlook on it. completely disregard the style of the last airbender and look at lok as a stand alone series. and get to know the characters and the storyline. there isn't much yet, but a good story takes time to build up. you don't have to be into it now just look back on it later if you wanna find out how the story is progressing, i'm sure youll like it at some point 3nodding
ngl the beginning of atla wasn't all that good. just give lok some time!!! i really can't decide at this point. both have their strengths and weaknesses.
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Favorite Show!!

From the very beginning it made me laugh! The action was awesome as well!

Seeing Granny Katara was spectacular! Wish i could of seen her waterbend! But it was really cool how she set Korra off onto her journey. It was like she was handing the show over to Korra or something. lol idk

I love it! Watch it! Enjoy it!
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Never heard of the other one.
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Well Legend Of Korra is more grown up then it's predecessor and I'm enjoying it thus far. Just think of it as a whole new show based in the same world and try not to compare it too much to the old series. That's the best way to enjoy it.

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I like them both for very different reasons. It is DEFINITELY worth watching though.
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It's a good series. Only the bending isn't as epic as the first series.
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i really like legend of korra.
i decided to rewatch avatar and well its just not the same to me anymore. i cant relate to the characters as well as i can with the ones in korra.
i think its just because im older now and no really avatars target audience anymore

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I like the sense of nostalgia the legend of korra gives. Like seeing old Katara or seeing the statue of the cabbage man XD Kinda like remembering an old friend. =3
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Personally , for me...
I love A:TLA better, but don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE LoK, and its characters, too. I mean, Bolin's so adorable, Korra's amazing, Lin's a freaking badass, Asami's sweet, and Mako's... sexy.
But I like A:TLA better though... I think it's cause my favorite's Toph, and she'll always be my favorite... And, the bending [in my opinion] was a lot better, and I really liked just... everything. The humor, the romance, the bending and action. And Toph, LOL.

... But yeah. ><

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