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Sorrryyyy... But if the mods really want this in Barton Town OOC, they can move it there D<

Anyway, I'm searching for a 1x1 RP partner for AtLAB or LoK. Preferably one who likes the following ships:
Zuko x Katara, Toph, or Mai (I'm cool with either of the three, but I'd prefer Zutara. Just because.)
Toph x Sokka (must be humorous! aks;gjawg)
Korra x Bolin or Mako (again, cool with both)
Asami x Iroh

I don't have any ideas on plots right now, we can work that out in PM

My rules:

Willing to play either gender, with either gender
I am looking for someone who likes a little romance, but the level of romance can vary
No straight up smut (sex) Implied only (time skips)
Must be at least able to type in full sentences that make sense, with correct grammar and spelling.

I'm really only looking for one or two partners, so once those slots are gone then I'm closing the thread. Sorry!