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I remember reading somewhere (can't remember where) that voting "closes" well before turn over. So for the last little bit when the scores and ranks are going up and down, it doesn't mean anything,

if that's the case, why don't the site mods told the contestant before?
wouldn't it be a 'scam',, for deceiving the voters that their votes counts?
I purposely ask my friends to vote near the closing date,, in case of the downvoters influx...

I don't know what you mean by that first question exactly. Apparently the voting starts @12:01am PST Monday (they say midnight but I find it takes a minute) and the votes stop being counted @ 7:00pm PST. Found it, it's in the How to use the Avatar Arena sticky. So it's not really a scam if they tell you how it works beforehand. Though they don't really make that information very clear in my opinion.
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How the ranks are calculated is a bit sketchy anyway. Last night, my average went from 4.44 at 8 votes to 3.15 at 9 votes - which is mathematically impossible.

It's also weird when calculating 9th - 11th this week, when 11th's apparent raw total is higher than 9ths and 10ths.
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Marionette Fantasia

Score * Number of votes received = raw score. It'll be a decimal, and but I haven't quiet figured out whether you round up or down, or to the nearest number.

That's so weird =.=
I don't know, I was bouncing up and down at 7th to 11th place last week. Then I see the amount of voters go up and the avg changing with every new voter (downwards mainly) towards the end.

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