The purpose of this is to hopefully answer some questions and help with confusion regarding the purpose of this forum.

We are currently working on a formal annoucement to help inform users as to what belongs and what does'nt in this new Subforum. For the time being we are considerably open about what sort of threads and discussion may go on here, with two important exceptions which we would like all users to make note of:

  • The Avatar Arena Subforum is not a substitute Avatar Talk forum. Please do not confuse the two.


    Avatar Talk is geared towards discussion between members, giving their personal opinions on other member's avatars (...) Threads where members are asking for advice on what to wear, if their avatar "looks good" and are looking for other members to rate them, or if they're asking if their avatar is good enough to enter, should be placed in Avatar talk.

    Please note this also includes thread offering advice and etc.

  • The Avatar Arena subforum is was not created to solicit votes. Thus, all Solicitation threads will be removed from the forum and placed in the chatterbox/recycle bin because they are essentially spam, like advertisements. This includes threads/posts that have links to entries to the Avatar Arena.


    These are threads where the content is centered around getting people to vote for them in the Avatar Arena. Members should browse the avatar arena on their own and vote using their own discretion, rather than doing a favor for others who ask them to vote for them.

    This includes vote exchanges. Users with regular discussion threads containing vote solicitation should remove it from the thread, or we will move it.

  • So What can go here? Like i said, we're open, but this should give you some idea.


    Threads asking how to use the Avatar Arena, who can use it, is there a cost, discussion on winners/contestants, what the Avatar Arena is and other questions relating to the Avatar Arena should be placed in the Avatar Arena froum.

Also note that putting a 'discuss' line at the end of the first post, doesn't automatically make it an actual AvA discussion thread.

Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion resulting from recent moderation taking place over the last few days. Feel free to PM an Avatar Arena Moderator with questions.


Additionally, there has been the issue of users bribing or soliciting votes, by promising compensation of some sort, be it gold items or services. Users may not provide compensation of any sort for voting or commenting on Arena entries.

Cases of bribery and cheating will result in a disqualification of an entry. If an entry is suspected of bribing or cheating, they should be reported to a moderator.


- Flame or attack the user in comments, PMs or in the forums.


- Create a thread in this forum or another to accuse anyone of cheating.

This will avoid unecessary conflict or the ruining of someone's chances in the arena should they be found innocent after all. Also note that simply asking for votes and comments in signatures, profiles, guilds, and/or the chatterbox (re: places where advertising is not considered spamming) IS allowed and NOT considered cheating.

When in doubt, contact a moderator. 3nodding