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August Poll - You cosplay for

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This poll closed on August 10, 2010.
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Cosplay is a contraction word of "costume" and "play", usually centered on dressing as characters from Japanese media (manga, anime and video games). Less commonly there is the costuming of live action television shows, movies, or music bands, but costuming of those medias has increased over the years, thus broadening the hobby of Cosplay.

On Gaiaonline - it is, to dress Avatars based on someone else's creation.

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This List is here to keep track of Cosplay (done in Avatar form) that has been in the Avatar Arena. I do this for fun. Shiver` was the creator of the original Cosplay List, and she handed the rights of it to me.

If you spot a cosplay avatar in the arena or you are cosplaying in the arena yourself and it's not on the list- feel free to post the name of the cosplay and where it originates.

You may also Discuss about the Arena and about Cosplay or cosplay ideas while in this thread, but please don't use "Bump" nor Spam the Thread, because it will be reported for removal. And note, just because a cosplay has been done before - or has won. It certainly doesn't mean you can't do it, though I recommend trying something that has not been done so often.

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Please use this Key to Post who/what you are Cosplaying-
or what Cosplay you have seen in the Arena.


Extra means (Anymore information about the cosplay) :
  • Cosplaying some object or animal, Unofficial fanworks. It Might be placed on the list.
  • If you are cosplaying a character from a Book/Comic/Webcomic, please try to find the author or its publisher name. Example *Marvel Comics.
  • If you are cosplaying a character from a Movie/Theater/TV, what actor has played that character.
  • If you are cosplaying someone based on Real Life, post what their occupation is/was.
  • If you are cosplaying a common character, what other forms/outfits you are doing/have seen.

What won't be added to the list:
- Your Personal RPG Character
- Yourself, Cosplaying how you look in Real Life
- Original Characters of Established characters / series.
Example ~no love child of Link and Zelda since it doesn't exist.
- Purposely done opposite gender of a character.
Example ~Female version of (blank). If you have a fe/male avatar and cosplaying a fe/male character with no mention of gender switching, that is counted as a legit cosplay.

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  • Post(ing) 1 - Arena Sticky and FAQ
  • Post(ing) 2 - Keys
  • Post(ing) 3 - Tips, Must knows, and Links of interest

Categories of Cosplays:
    Page 2
  • Post(ing) 5 -------- Intro to Category
  • Post(ing) 6 -------- Anime/Manga, Anime Movies, Anime/Manga Misc
  • Post(ing) 7 -------- Cartoons/Animation, Animated Movies, Disney Misc, Cartoon Misc
  • Post(ing) 8 -------- VideoGames, VideoGames Misc, Games PC/ Board/ Card - related

    Page 3
  • Post(ing) 20 -------- Intro to Category
  • Post(ing) 21 -------- Live Action TV shows, Live Action TV shows Misc
  • Post(ing) 22 -------- Live Action movies, Live Action movies misc, Theater & Musicals
  • Post(ing) 23 -------- Books/Comics, DC & Marvel misc, Books misc, Comics misc, Mother Goose/ Fables / FairyTales / Folk Tales/Lore

    Page 4
  • Post(ing) 35 -------- Intro to Category
  • Post(ing) 36 -------- Real Life: Actors/ , History/ , Artist Works/, Music/ , Music misc
  • Post(ing) 37 -------- Miscellaneous: Gaia Related, Food/Mascots, Commercials, Religious Icons / Gods / Goddess / Myth, Web Icons/
  • Post(ing) 38 -------- Miscellaneous: Holiday/ Animal / Object / ETC

    Page 5
  • Post(ing) 50 -------- Arena Cosplay Winners List, including AvA related threads.
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(. DO NOT PUT LINKS IN POST! Keep Links to YOUR entry in your Signature. )
Page Boy
The Avatar Arena subforum is/was not created to solicit votes.
Thus, all Solicitation threads will be removed from the forum and placed in the chatterbox/recycle bin because they are essentially spam, like advertisements. This includes threads/posts that have links to entries to the Avatar Arena.

Announcement: READ ME: AvA Subforum - What belongs here! by Page Boy
Avatar Arena and Forum FAQs (new thread) by Deazy

AvA FAQ & Known Issues (old thread) by Deazy
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  • Click Shift + F3 or Ctrl+F to search for a cosplay that has been done.

  • The word "POSTING" marks each category.

  • * = An Asterisk, marks the cosplay that won in the arena. It also marks how many times a cosplay has won.

  • | = A Barline, just an attempt to compact the list for scrolling purposes, so this is used to put something in it's own square. You are going to see different characters or an individual characters outfits lined up this way. The Pokemon category shows example of this.

  • ( ) = A Bracket, will be used at times to specify an outfit/form/moment - that is connected to the character. That is if the character is not lined up in barline form.

  • _ = A Spacer, will be used when I want to place more characters in a barline and include their outfits/forms, but giving an indication that they are not to be treated as being a form or outfit to the First character of the line up.
    Seems confusing, but you'll be able to figure it out, I will not be using the spacer very often.
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    When using Reference Image URL:
    Recommended: Photobucket / TinyPic / Imageshack. Though any image link, regardless of its origin, will work.

  • When linking images from Photobucket, do not use the "Email & IM (media)" link, only use "Direct Link" link.

  • When linking images from TinyPic, use the "Direct Link for Layouts" link.

  • When linking images from Imageshack, use the "Direct" link.

  • Loading large images causes unnecessary lag, please shrink your images below 1000px.

  • Avoid ranting about what items you can't match the image to, that gives voters the impression that you weren't trying. It also makes them focus more on the flaws of your entry instead of your attempt.


  • If it is your own made-up character or theme, place it in the Original Arena. If your character is inspired by or based on an existing series it MUST GO TO ORIGINALS.
    -For example, Sailor Sun never existed in the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon series.
    -Extreme non-canonical moments should be considered an original concept and be placed in Original Arena.

  • If you can not find the origin of the image used in the Ref, please consider placing your entry in the Original Arena. At that point you are inspired by the image, not Cosplaying it.

  • Fashion is not Cosplay, and if there is a ref image, then your ref image should be used to give people an idea of what Fashion you were attempting.

  • If you are cosplaying a Gaia item, don't mention "Twin / Mother / Father / Family". That gives Mods the impression that you are doing an original concept, not cosplaying the item.



    -Link to the Official Winners of the Avatar Arena
  • Past Winners: Cosplay Avatars

  • Past Winners: Original Avatars

    -Home of a Gaia Avatar Simulator
  • tektek.org - Tools and resources for GaiaOnline.com by Tekton

    -Title self explanatory, Users create cosplay/concepts that can be used
  • Cosplay Ideas for the Taking by The Caffeine Queen

  • 180 DEGREES - A Reverse Pose Hair and Skin Guide - v. 2.0 by Lady Rat

    -Lots of Artwork scans of animation / anime / manga / video games, perfect for trying to find the right Character for cosplay. (NOTE: If you use any of these scans, please try to upload from your own image account, and please shrink the image to the appropriate size.)

  • Minitokyo
  • Creative Uncut
  • Cartoon Gallery (homage page is in Flash format)

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