As stated in the Arena Rules, avatars that utilise a major glitch are not allowed in the Avatar Arena.

Despite many users believing that the bald and/or eyeless glitch that the Superior Form causes on a Zurg, Vampire, Grombie or Skeleton avatar is legal and allowed, this is NOT the case.

No avatars using this glitch are allowed in the Arena. They will be disqualified and your 1000g entry fee will not be reimbursed.

If you have a Zurg avatar and wish to enter using the Superior Form, then please drink the Red Bino Energy Drink available at Barton Boutique to return your avatar to human status before submitting, or alternatively use a 'human' account for your entry.

If you have a Grombie or Vampire avatar, then please do not submit an avatar to the Arena using the Superior Form at all. If you wish to enter using the skins, then please use an alternative 'human' account for your entry.

Edit: Entering a Bald Avatar using the Buddhist Nun's Tonsure or the Buddhist Monk's Tonsure is permitted in the arena.