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Week 36 (9/3 ~ 9/9) 0.2 20.0% [ 7 ]
Week 37 (9/10 ~ 9/16) 0.057142857142857 5.7% [ 2 ]
Week 38 (9/17 ~23) 0.028571428571429 2.9% [ 1 ]
Week 39 (9/24 ~ 9/30) 0.11428571428571 11.4% [ 4 ]
Other, see: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/avatar-arena/group-entry-list-open/t.78635269/ 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Any week is fine for me. 0.6 60.0% [ 21 ]
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Milmil as Mike
2_twins in a ball
Milmil as Mike
What I found most amusing is that 9 of the 12 avatars of Spotlight are the group!

I bet the 1st. place to be in our group this week!

I'm placing my confidence in the Wild Gashamon, because their "artists" are sooo talented. emotion_kirakira I hope one of each places:
Gym leader, Elite 4 member, Rival, Wild Gashamon, Us (I don't really need to win, just eager to see this group thrive~). wink

Oh yeah, if you're interested, I've started the Epilogue~ if you can't get enough of Gashamon~

Mine, certainly, is the simplest; but I like her! It's true that it would be strange a professor with antennas and using color pink razz

What I liked most was the Kuyusi, but it's because I'm "cracked" in different colors!

I like how Professor Maggie owned a Gimpi~ She also has a trendy bag~ reminds me of university students... almost like a true professor! xd

Hmm.... my favorites are divided between mmm... I can't decide! Xv
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2_twins in a ball

I just did the obvious thing to insert it! After all, Gimpi is the son of Dean with Mona (in my fantasy world, of course... emotion_kirakira )
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2_twins in a ball

Yup, I've fallen once to near C's but my eye's always on the A. yum_puddi
Two more years and I finally get to taste realization, both a terrible and curious fate.

Lol, a semi-engineer submitting a Steel-type gym leader... was that part of your inspiration too? surprised

It does seem difficult to get threads going. Whether it's forward or waiting for responses.

Well the best of luck towards you and school can indeed be tough. As for the Engineer// Gym Leader idea.. well I figured for a side occupation a Engineer is pretty relevant to the steel type itself you know? Also considering that his new gym is a potentially hazardous junk yard it fits with the Gym Leader's desire to renovate it into something more advanced. Hopefully if there's a Gashamon 2 in the works with few of the same leaders, Nicolai's background and appearance might be a change worth looking forwards to. 3nodding

As for my personal life I'm far from an engineer, I'm currently a ramp agent//radio jockey at a NYC heliport, but considering that steel types is among one of my favorites I wanted to do the type some justice. What about you, any preferred favorite types?

(late reply)
I set up the epilogue thread, if you are curious.

I'd have to say I like the more uncommon types, like Ghost, Dark, Steel, Dragon~ They usually don't come with pure-type Pokemon~ All the betta to encounter them in a dungeon some routes away~ I chose the floating imps for the protagonists, because:
1. They correlated with the BW scheme
2. Baby Starters eventually evolve. To what, the world knows haha.
3. Excellent for trolling gym leaders & trainers alike for their puny size
4. I'd classify them as dual type Normal-type Gashamon, with color swaps able to change their type, like Arceus~

Helicopter style! At least you have some knowledge about the mechanics of a helicopter, am I right? Used to live in NY, then moved to the countryside at the joining of the Columbia & Willamette River. :3
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Congrats to everyone that placed, there's only two non-group winners this week!
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Holy Crap You Guys!
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Yesss 80% as expected! emotion_dowant Congratulations to everyone, hope you had fun with the group, and enjoued your complimentary sprites. wink

If you're all interested & pumped up, there's an optional epilogue for Gashamon League~

I'd like the thank you all who submitted, donors, and supporters of both the entries, the arenas, and this group, and the sprite artists.

Until then, I tip my hat to you all in gratitude. wink

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