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Oh no! D:

But they are totally perfect and creative, haha. <3
Hmm....do another cat? emotion_awesome

Aw thanks!
I don't think any of the other cats have the same kind of ears. ^^;
But I can always keep them in reserve for something else, they may come in handy for another cosplay.

I can't think of another cat right now to cosplay, I've been looking at stuff though and I want to do another one.

But I think next week I'm going to do Granny Garbonzo from the big comfy couch. xD
Maybe cats can be an every other week kind of thing for me.
Until people get sick of it.

Lol, they very well might. XD

What I meant was a cat from something else, or something with round white ears...bet it could be done!
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Lol, they very well might. XD

What I meant was a cat from something else, or something with round white ears...bet it could be done!
Definitely. ^^

Maybe some kind of adorable mouse or something. If they don't sell I'll just keep them in mind for other cosplay stuff.
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Err too be honest I haven't come across a lot of downvoters in the last few weeks. Mostly it's just usually the average trying to well, average out. Like say two people vote a 5 on your entry, the average will drop down rather than go up. But if a third person or so gave you a 3 or higher, it should go up. The average system is weird like that I guess.

The only problem I've had lately are upvoters. Not on my entries, but on other's and it kind of bugs me.

I wish I had a posse of friends to upvote me, lulz dramallama

But not really, that s**t is seriously messed up.
I blame friendvotes whenever mediocre avatars make it into the winner's circle. razz
when mediocre avatars place, it isn't always friend voting... But yeah the majority IS friend voted- you are an arena regular, like lady eldae and its meark for example, so I don't think you need friend votes to place...

Haha, hence the llama, I was just being silly. razz

I wouldn't really want a friendvote posse because then the win doesn't really mean anything. :c

Though I guess you could say arena regs (both reg voters and submitters) sometimes upvote each other; I will often give out 5's to my arena friends that I see entries from every week, but I don't feel you can actually call it upvoting when the entry truly deserves a 5. ^-^
It's a llama? eek looks like a donkey to me...
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It's a llama? eek looks like a donkey to me...

I used to think it was a dog making an obscene gesture...but no, it's the "drama llama", hahaha. <3
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yes there will always be down voting in the arena, always has been always will be, but eh it happens, we move on with it and strive harder to make perfection.
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Honestly, I wouldn't waste the time, or the gold to enter in the Arena's. There is no point to it with people downvoting and not giving any real thought.

I'm not saying there aren't some great avatars that show up in the arena, but go to Avatar Talk and really make a name for yourself if you want recognition for things you make.
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Lampoa makes a good point. I think it's better to go to Avatar talk. :/
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I hate that, and they'll always do it for petty reasons too; "I hate that colour!" or "none of the colours match!"

It annoys me that everyone thinks it's all about cloaking your avatar in one colour- it's only 'original' to a certain extent! -w-

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